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Intruder Detection Alarm

Monday January 23, 2023

Intruder Detection Alarm [Types And Effectiveness]

It is a fact that the risk of burglary, property damage, vandalism, and crime is increasing day by day, but meanwhile, there are multiple ways to control or at least reduce the crime rate. One of them is an intruder detection alarm!

The intruder detection alarm is perfect for detecting and monitoring unauthorized access to building premises. It is an effective system used in residential and commercial sites for multiple purposes.

Do you know around 40% of UK households have incorporated burglar alarm systems as they help to ward off burglars? It is evaluated that 9 out of 10 law-breakers prefer to target a place that doesn’t have an alarm installed.

In this blog post, we have shed light on intrusion alarm systems that can be either standalone (like a glass-break sensor) or sophisticatedly integrated with an access control system or CCTV camera to make security systems sturdy and robust.

So drill down and read ahead!

What Are Different Types Of Intruder Detection Alarms?

The market is overwhelmed with different intruder detection alarms – you can choose the relevant one to make your business, factory area, and commercial sites safe from burglars.

●    Bells-only Alarms

Across the UK, the widely used intruder detection alarm type is bell-only. They are named bell-only because whenever the sensor detects the presence of a burglar trying to breach your premises’ security, these alarms ring off like a siren with a loud sound. The siren runs continuously for 20 minutes until disarmed from the control panel or keypad.

People prefer these alarm systems due to their affordability and ease of installation. Remember – power outages or accidental sensor activation by pets or kids can cause false alarms.

●    Wired Alarms

These alarm systems are made up of cables and wires connecting several sensors, monitors, and detectors. Wired alarms rely less on batteries; this is why they need less maintenance. However, due to the wide network of wirings, you need to hire a professional and certified technician for installation.

●    Wireless Alarms

These alarms need batteries to operate, and they are entirely wireless. The security system’s detectors, monitors, and sensors are linked to one another by Wi-Fi or radio frequency. As wiring is not needed, installation is less costly and relatively easy. Wireless home security system maintenance can be pricey because you have to update the devices’ batteries frequently.

These burglar alarms may stop working or produce false alarms due to electrical interference, a weak or disturbed signal, or network outages. Therefore, they perform poorly in areas where network or signal problems are common.

●    Smart Home Security Systems

They are more like monitored alarms and are available as both wired or wireless. Several devices are connected to a system, such as CCTV cameras, security lights, motion detectors, and siren alarms. These burglar alarms safeguard your property by instantly turning on these security devices in the case of an intrusion.

For example, CCTV records footage immediately, floodlights capture the burglar, and sirens alert the neighbors. These are also the first choice for those owing large buildings, as they offer 24/7 protection and monitoring of the premises.

●    Hybrid Alarm Systems

Placing and handling cables around intruder alarm systems in homes and companies becomes a mess sometimes; therefore, hybrid alarm systems are fantastic options. The hybrid alarm system is a combination of wired and wireless technology that ensures an intrusion alarm system is effective and easy to handle.

Why Choose Dacha SSI for Intruder Detection Alarm?

You know a highly advanced and refined security alarm system is the need of the hour to detect intrusion on time. We at Dacha SSI always strive to provide the best security solutions to clients in the UK. The below-mentioned points are enough to prove why contacting Dacha is the right decision.

●    Ultra-Modern Technology

Our alarm system is made of Avant-garde technology and features panic-alarm functions, remote outbuilding monitoring, off-site communication, perimeter recognition, asset monitoring, and more.

●    Different Types of Alarm Systems

We at Dacha offer protection and monitoring via wireless, wired, and hybrid alarms. We are experts in designing the perfect alarm system for your building and properties using highly integrated CCTV, door access, perimeter, and alerting systems that are currently available.

●    Offer Long Term Collaboration

Our proven track record and solid commercial background enhance clients’ faith. We are accessible in the future for system changes, renovation work, and expansion.

●    Minimize the Chance of False Alarm

False alarms are always annoying and disturbing not only for you but for neighbors and other community members. They are also a complete waste of time and money, which is why Dacha always tries to lessen the chance of false alarms by maintaining the perfect balance between precision and alarm intensity.

●    Economic Alarm Solutions

Although state-of-the-art devices are the only choice for designing the best intruder detection system, we at Dacha offer modern solutions at a fair price. There is no doubt in it that security devices have a hefty price tag, but we still manage to save your precious money due to our installation ways. First, we talk to clients, ask about their needs, and suggest a useful system that will work in the long run.

●    Renovation Of Old Alarm Systems

If you already have a burglar alarm system at your premises – don’t stick with it for years and years – you need to upgrade it with time because its technology loses its worth with time. Dacha SSI, an expert security managing company, has many experts that can renovate your old wired system and make them capable of serving in 2023 to deter the sharp and smart culprits. Dacha SSI experts can modernize your installation by quickly providing you with a personalized offer.

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Dacha SSI Offer Unbeatable Availability – So Contact Us!

If you fear a break-in at your business or home, our hybrid or wired intruder alarm systems are the safest option to protect against intrusion attempts. Our objective is to offer you the long-lasting, robust, and safest security system; thus, our team recommends the most effective intrusion alarm system that suits our customers’ needs. So if you want the protection of yourself, your assets, and your dear ones, feel confident to contact us!