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Dacha SSI’s experience with providing security services to Educational settings gives us critical knowledge of systems that can often be disparate and old in today’s modern learning environments.

Security for schools, colleges and university campuses

We work closely with school authorities to design flexible and sustainable security programs that meet the specific security needs of our clients. The “ownership” of your security systems within your organisation is often dealt along with a multitude of other responsibilities. Our teams have experience in educational security, which is what sets us apart from our competition and allows our educational clients to feel wholly reassured with our security services.

What can we provide?



Our proactive Security Maintenance solutions means you won’t be chasing us when things go wrong we can tell you or if you prefer not to know we can just fix things. We can ensure systems going offline are prevented and all your systems firmware’s and software is kept up to date.

Access Control

An Educational Establishments requirement to control access varied wildly depending on the challenges that they may face. At Dacha SSI we deal with all scenarios and can be bespoke in designing and growing your system to ensure your requirements are met.


Introducing analytics into the Education environment can be a great way to get more use out of the system than just security. We can help you to expand the use of the system to help with safeguarding, drive down anti social behaviour and manage car park areas amongst others.


Dacha SSI designed, installed and commissioned a VMS system for a University that obtained a new building on a new site. The system allowed the security to oversee both buildings from a single point and be able to react to any issues on the new site. The new system also allowed the IT team to use their own virtualised server environment to record cameras. Dacha SSI walked them through this whole process and they now have a fully maintained state of the art system which is fully Cyber Secure.


Dacha SSI has been working with a Further Education Establishment in the Midlands in helping them get a grasp of their security system. The College has only previously put in systems as part of Capital Projects and ended with disparate systems that offered no real value to the college. Dacha SSI carried out a comprehensive audit of the system and of the Colleges strategy and requirements and created a plan to bring the systems back on track. We worked with their IT team to resolve long standing issues with reliability and then on a Software Package that linked all their different systems onto one platform.