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At Dacha SSI, we provide a proactive and continuous security approach to the Utility sector. We are committed to ensuring all our clients receive a professional and complete security service depending on their individual business requirements.

Security solutions for energy and utilities companies

Our experience of working for many years in the utilities field has allowed us to really understand how critical security systems are to the overall operations of our customers. Working on High Secure sites all over the country means that we can deliver skilled engineers any point in the UK at short notice to ensure all

Critical Systems are kept up and running at every time. At Dacha SSI, we realise that having a large number of sites spread over a large geographical area is also challenging for operators to maintain. We have the ability to create our own bespoke analytics suite for a customer to identify and hone on their perceived threats.

What can we provide?


Especially on remote sites, analytics can play a crucial part in running your CCTV. We are able to identify and alert an operator in real time to the threats they want to see and react upon. We can offer this as part of a standard analytics package and build on the specific analytics of your requirements.

Access Control

Dacha SSI works with one of the most Cyber Secure and robust Access Control organisations in the world. When it comes to designing and supporting an Access Control Platform we have many years of experience and are fully accredited. We can advise on the most effective system for your security requirements.

Control Room

Dacha SSI provides you with unrivalled bespoke Control Room Services. We understand that all utility premises vary in their requirements but they share the necessity of security. We ensure that data reaches the monitoring control room and alarm events are prioritised and operators are notified immediately.