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Security Cameras and CCTV

When your focus is on the P&L, but there is so much cutting edge security tech available, you need to find the CCTV solution that will protect your business at the right cost.

Dacha SSI has a proven track record in providing bespoke, tailored CCTV systems for a huge range of businesses. From the smallest store to the most complex business park, we have designed and deployed a wide variety of CCTV schemes. Our extensive range allows us to help you select from camera, lens, lighting and recording equipment that meets any businesses requirements and budget.

CCTV Security


Your needs are unique, and constantly evolving as your business grows. You need a dependable CCTV system that can adjust to meet your changing needs. As well as systems designed to expand with your organisations needs, with spare capacity, additional lighting and full training in security management available, Dacha SSI provides the confidence of a fully approved and accredited system design. With adherence across British Standard, NCI and DPA standards and legislation you can always be assured of the absolute credibility of our services and products.

Infrared to white light

As well as providing state-of-the-art CCTV systems we’ll also advise you on the ideal site lighting to support night-time monitoring and recording.

24-hour monitoring

Provision of round-the-clock CCTV monitoring centres, to connect to your cameras following an intruder alarm or motion sensor alert.


As well as blue chip businesses and high-net-worth private clients, Dacha SSI have provided CCTV solutions for police stations, NHS hospitals, MOD sites, universities and more.

Multi device remote access

Use your mobile phone, PC or tablet to view images from your surveillance systems, or get notifications of your alarms – wherever, whenever.