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Security control room

As a reliable security partner, Dacha SSI provides you with unrivalled bespoke Control Room Services. All corporate and industrial premises vary in their requirements but they share the necessity to protect people, property and business assets. At Dacha SSI, we provide you with security solutions to manage your business resources proactively, with a well thought out escalation process meeting the needs of your business. We ensure that event data does not fail to reach the monitoring control room and alarm events are prioritised according to type with operators notified immediately.

Control Room Design And Implementation

Dacha SSI have vast experience designing and implementing Internal Control Rooms that work alongside existing Man Guarding Solutions and utilise many different existing systems to make your operations efficient and effective.

When designing a Control Room we always take these points into consideration;

  • Existing Site Set Up
  • Risks and Procedures
  • Operator Welfare
  • System Redundancy
  • Scalability
  • Interoperability of systems

Control Room Options 

There are many different options for our Control Room at Dacha SSI, for viewing alarm, event and live CCTV monitoring, for example: 

  • Upon alarm, the pre-alarm clip, event, quad and live can be viewed in the alarm handling screen.
  • A ‘View Camera’ action configured as a discretionary or mandatory alarm processing task.
  • View Camera actions can be for a single camera in alarm or for a group of site cameras.
  • View Camera actions associated with signals from conventional alarm panels for video verification.
  • Sites, cameras and camera groups can be manually accessed from the customer record lookup.
  • Cameras viewed within scheduled and manual patrol tours with mandatory operator interaction.