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Managing access to your property

Controlling who and where a person can go through your premises is not only a security issue; it can also be a legal requirement under the Data Protection Act. At Dacha SSI, we are experienced in installing a wide variety of solutions, from Small Standalone systems and Small Distributed Systems controlled from a single point to large Enterprise Systems.

Our team installs and maintains some of the most secure sites in the country. We also work with the latest Innovation for the system to offer as much back to customers as possible. Such examples include:

Car Park Management 

Assign parking spaces to Staff and Visitors or simply alert you when your allocation is full.

Locker Management

Using your Access System, you can assign lockers to staff or visitors or a team of people if, for example, they need to share resources for a project.

User Reporting

Use Access Control as part of Time and Attendance or even flag up if you need to be concerned about an individual.

Visitor Management

Accurately measure your visitors and ensure full compliance with your site rules, even in advance of the visitor coming onto your premises.

Meeting Room Booking

Better use your meeting room availability by integrating into your access platform and report their usage back to the business.

Mobile Credentials 

Our lives are ever-changing and therefore, at Dacha SSI, we believe that they need to be complemented by better technology. Not only is someone less likely to lose a phone than a card, but you can also require facial recognition to allow the phone to work, whereas anyone can use a card. This also gives you the ability to use the system to broadcast any urgent information to your users or staff members.

Virtual Access Control

Dacha SSI have also pioneered the use of Virtual Access Control to protect property and possessions as well as monitor activity levels of different groups of staff and feedback Business Improvement. We can also monitor Vehicles and Pallets anywhere in the country.