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Dacha SSI works with you to ensure you have a commercial security system tailored around your individual business needs.

Security for offices and commercial properties

Our security systems are user-friendly, trouble free and effective at protecting your business, information and assets. Installation and maintenance of commercial security systems is carried out to the highest standards with attention to detail to provide you with real peace-of-mind. At Dacha SSI, we take the time to find out what best suits you and your company’s needs, before recommending a comprehensive system that fits your exact needs.

What can we provide?


The supply of CCTV equipment designed primarily to provide high levels of security, as well as 24/7 remote monitoring services.

Access Control

Meeting Room, Car Park Management, Visitor Management, allow only certain people to enter areas of your premises.


Desk Utilisation – Help with design of building, providing specialised security designed for your business.


Can be integrated with Access Control and CCTV to give an easier way of dealing with events with a live video feed. We can also allow multi tenanted blocks to have sectioned off Intruder Alarms for their own use.

What have we done?

Multi tenancy site

Dacha SSI installed and currently maintains a Commercial building in the South West for CCTV, Intruder and Access Control. The Design – This was a Multi tenanted Block. We designed the systems for the whole block whilst allowing the tenant on each of the floors to have their own system within the main system, so that they could have access to all public areas cctv and access control as well as their own.

Office Complex

Dacha SSI have installed a system in an office building with over 25 employees and a state of the art demonstration facility. The Design allowed for High Secure Access for both visitors and staff within the premises ensuring all relevant day visitors could access the rooms they required, whilst keeping more secure areas locked down to all but essential staff. The System also monitors Meeting Rooms, ANPR Controlled Barriers and Car Park Management.