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For over 6 years, Dacha SSI security solutions have enable PureGym to significantly reduce the number and impact of security incidents at the UK’s largest gym chain.

The Problem

Delivering a positive and safe environment for customers and staff 24/7, 365 days per year, is always challenging, even more so when you have over 280 facilities in diverse location throughout the UK and Europe.

The challenge becomes even more complicated when your business model encourages customers to come and go as they please, often through multiple different entrances.  In addition, many of the sites will often be unmanned meaning by any of PureGym’s staff.

Whilst security issues will always arise; PureGym wanted to ensure that any issue was identified and dealt with quickly.


About PureGym

Millions of members and advancement in growth potential are great for any gym. It allows PureGym to maintain its gyms at a lower cost to its customers and provides thousands of staff members with a great place to work.

PureGym provides its’ customers with high-quality gym experiences in more than 280 facilities serving over 1.1 million members daily. PureGym is a leading name in the fitness industry and has been an industry-standard throughout Europe since 2008.

In 2017 PureGym was acquired by Leonard Green & Partners. Another important date came on 14 January 2020, when PureGym acquired Fitness World. The new acquisition offers international expansion to PureGym’s already expansive business making it the second-largest gym facility in Europe. PureGym now has over 1.7 million members in over 500 facilities throughout the UK, Switzerland, Poland, and Denmark.

After a robust selection process, PureGym partnered with Dacha SSI to provide customers with a safe environment while they exercise. This partnership has been instrumental in helping to secure PureGym’s facilities and keeping both customers and employees safe 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

The solution

Dacha has worked in partnership with PureGym to deliver a robust but unintrusive access controls system.  This has balanced PureGyms’ need to balance security and customer service, providing seamless access for customers and staff.

The team at Dacha has integrated leading security technology, such as Meesons dongle access pods and speed lanes, to provide an onsite membership control system to control entry to each facility. Within this system, members have a PIN or QR code to allow access to their facility of choice. In addition, Dacha maintains and supports over 6,000 camera systems in all 280 locations through a single enterprise platform in our control room.

Cutting Edge Security Systems

CCTV Cameras are a given for the leisure industry. Dacha’s XProtect Platform is the hub of the system provided to Pure Gym. Our advanced system is manufactured by Hanwha Techwin, a Korean camera manufacturer, coupled with Axis communication cameras on site.
Having multiple access points across PureGym’s facilities makes them vulnerable to theft, trespass, and vandalism. The 24-hour access model of the gym increases this risk significantly, as does the diverse locations where some of the gyms are located. Dacha employs a comprehensive central control system to ensure each access point is monitored and locked down in the event of a possible security event.
Robust access controls have been implemented in partnership with Gallagher Security to provide efficient and reliable access to each facility.
A system can be designed to fit the facilitys’ needs, including VMS platform and dedicated PTX’s to alert our control center of any possible breaches in security within the facility or any fenceline surrounding it. Dacha offers enhanced protection to all facilities within PureGym. Our team works with PureGym to maintain optimal security without negatively impacting operations or the enjoyment of their valued customers.