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Dacha SSI designed and implemented a robust security program to streamline Advance Supply Chain’s new 337,000sqft warehouse security. Reducing security and management costs.

The Problem

While growth is always welcomed, it presents challenges that have to be managed, especially when you are expanding rapidly. When you are opening up multiple new warehouses with millions of pounds worth of stock, the need for robust security is paramount. To facilitate their rapid expansion, Advanced Supply Chain had to acquire a large, 337,000 square foot facility to help meet growing customer demands.
At their new site, space is no longer a problem, but there were many other challenges. Security measures were severely lacking. Before stock could be placed in the new facility, it had to be made safe and secure both for the stock that was to be held and the staff that were needed to work at the warehouse.
There were many security challenges at the new facility. Following a risk assessment of the facility, several security risks were identified. The facility was located in an area known to have high levels of criminality, so the usual security threats of theft and vandalism were increased, as was theft from trailers moving about the facility. Another key risk identified was infiltration by organized gangs to conduct large-scale theft.

Advanced Intelligent Supply Chain

About Advanced Supply Chain

Advanced Supply Chain was founded in 1997 and is the leading provider of supply chain services supporting some of the biggest names in the retail and manufacturing sectors.
Focused on providing high levels of customer support, it has embraced technology to deliver cutting edge logistical solutions and has won many awards for its service.
Advanced Supply Chain continues to evolve and now provides solutions for many different industry sectors to help them navigate the increasingly complex global supply chains

They are a proud member of supply chain services and are proud to have won many industry awards. This has resulted in Advanced Supply Chain becoming one of the most well-known and respected brands in their industry.

The Solution

After a comprehensive site survey and stakeholder engagement, Dacha designed a security system to mitigate the specific security risks to the facility and Advanced Supply Chain’s staff.
It was immediately apparent to the team at Dacha that a facility of this size and complexity required an enhanced level of security. Fortunately, Dacha’s experience and expertise in the commercial and industrial security sectors allowed the team to build a solution that would enable Advanced Supply Chain to protect their property, people, and stock.
Working in collaborations with all of the stakeholders at Advanced Supply Chain, Dacha designed a robust security program including CCTV, Enterprise Access Controls, and an intruder detection system.
As part of this solution, Dacha implemented the VMS’ XProtect Corporate surveillance solution by Milestone Systems. This system has been designed specifically for large high risk, complex facilities. The innovative design by the team at Dacha allowed for all security cameras to be monitored and managed in a single interface.
This allows the security team to access all cameras at the same time for comprehensive monitoring and control.
The security systems, consisting of the intruder detection system, access control, and the perimeter detection system, generate ‘security events’. This proactively brings potential issues to the attention of the onsite security team.
These events provide the security detail at Advanced Supply Chain with details of the potential issue and information such as location and camera views. This enables the team on the ground to deal with any issue quickly and efficiently, reducing the potential for a minor incident to escalate into something more serious.

The Equipment

The enterprise version of Milestone’s XProtect platform Corporate, is the ‘Hub’ of the system. The open nature of the platform allowed Dacha to use any of the cameras in the marketplace. After significant consideration Dacha chose to use specialist Axis communication cameras backed up by other cameras manufactured by the Korean company, Hanwha Techwin. The deciding factor in this decision was both the image quality and reliability of the technology.
The flexibility of the British manufactured Intruder System, Texecom made it an obvious choice to be installed and monitor the numerous entrance points and the 30 plus Roller Shutter Doors. The Alarm Server by Orbnet Systems allowed Dacha to integrate the Intruder System into Milestone and give operators the total situational awareness needed to reduce and respond to security issues.
For Access Control, Dacha has long partnered with Gallagher. After running working groups with HR, IT, and Security, it soon became apparent that they far exceeded the functionality of the existing Access Control system and gave plenty of options for increased control when required. One of the main benefits of the Gallagher platform is that it enables staff members to use their mobile devices to gain access to the facility. This is not only much more convenient for staff members, but it will also save Advanced Supply Chain significant time and money replacing lost/damaged cards.
Finally, our Risk Assessment and knowledge of the Industry Sector identified the Lorry Park at the rear of the property as a High-Risk Target for external theft. To combat this Dacha utilised Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems and again integrated these signals back into the VMS Platform and combined with dedicated PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras. This will alert the security teams to any intrusion past the fence line, with camera views and maps displaying in real-time.