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No business can predict the future, especially where security threats are concerned. At Dacha SSI, we can deploy security analytics that can analyse security issues or events to detect a threat before it has a chance to impact your business.

Real-Time Alerts

Dacha SSI can configure alerts based upon your challenges, security requirements and present these to Senior Management and/or your security in a variety of ways.


Send notifications to messaging services and alarm integrations through your VMS, email system, Radio system or anyway that means your staff can act efficiently.


Dacha SSI regularly installs analytics that utilise the latest AI technology to alert you to irregularities you will not have considered covering security, Health and Safety, Production and Property.

Registration Plate Recognition

Receive alert notifications for Registration plates when identified or picked-up through watch-lists, videos and existing data.

Line Crossing

Activation alerts when objects cross into a boundary or pre-defined direction or area for further security and perimeter protection.

People Counting

Configure count based rules to monitor the increase or decrease in people when viewing an area, e.g. tracking queues or waiting areas.

Crowd/Queue/Loitering Detection

Alert notifications when people are in a proximity for a long period of time, which combines time-based alerts when frequently activated.

PPE Detection

Detect and alert when people who are or are not wearing protective equipment in real-time, for informative views and people safety.

Accelerated Incident Investigation

Search by event to perform image detection capabilities to comb-through hours of video, gaining you more efficiency. This can save over 92% over traditional technologies.

Smart Map View

Multi-Layered Maps of your locations and facilities (locally, nationally or internationally) to gain enhanced situation awareness or insights including camera views, alarm views and tracking.

Focus of Attention

Dynamically manage video streams to display images of activity allowing your operators to only view cameras that matter at that given time.