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Intruder Alarm Maintenance: A Check List To Conduct It

Monday July 18, 2022

Intruder Alarm Maintenance: A Check List To Conduct It

A well-designed and accurately installed security alarm system is one of the best ways of both detecting and deterring intrusion. Therefore, keeping the intruder alarm system in good working condition is essential as any little fault makes it functionless so that any unexpected massive risk can hit you. The most helpful way to maintain the alarm system is by requesting professional engineers for a regular visit.

Dacha, an exceptional security providing and maintenance company, can upgrade your old-fashioned alarm system according to the current standards and provide maintenance support whenever possible. Dacha SSI’s experienced staff can identify and rectify any faults in intruders more or less within 30 mins. The company can fix every alarm model, whether new or old. This article has covered a detailed note on Intruder alarm maintenance – why it is necessary to maintain it, and how Dacha SSI is the best fit for this purpose.

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Intruder Alarm System Maintenance: How Dacha SSI Can Cover Your Back

An intruder alarm system maintenance contract with Dacha SSI will help ensure your system is fully functional and your premises are always protected. Dacha SSI provides peace of mind by meeting or exceeding every possible business performance standard. For the highest safety, we also security screen all the relevant staff.

We can conduct intruder assessment and do maintenance at any time on your request. Additionally, we can also carry out routine maintenance visits to ensure your system is operating as it should. Or, as an alternative, we can also set our 12-month maintenance contract that includes a 24 hours support and routine service visit.

On choosing Dacha SSI for your intruder alarm maintenance, you will find a contract somehow with the following statements:

The standards that will be considered for maintenance are:

  • The number of the time an intruder alarm system will be serviced
  • The response time to call-outs (minimum)
  • What will be covered in your agreement (call-outs, parts, etc.)

Typically, an intruder alarm covers one comprehensive maintenance visit every year; sometimes, the intruder alarm can also be monitored twice a year. However, maintenance visits can also be handled remotely.

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What A Maintenance Visit Includes: A Checklist

When security maintenance or any engineer visits your site, they check system documentation and log books for any previous issues, faults, and service calls.

An intruder alarm system undergoes a thorough functionality inspection that includes the following:

  • Inform the customers that the intruder alarm system is on the test
  • Figuring out the location, installation, and siting of equipment against the specification
  • Identify the operation of detection devices
  • Determining all flexible connections
  • Checking the correct charging rates, standby, and main power supplies
  • Figuring out the control unit’s correct operation
  • Checking remote’s signaling equipment wherever applicable
  • Testing alarm receiving center
  • Checking all alarm divides and audible warning
  • Cracking the system according to the customer handbook
  • Putting the system ‘on test’ with ARC (Alarm Receiving or Monitoring Center).
  • Checking whether the customer knows how to abort a wrong activation
  • Checking remote support connectivity
  • Does the user know how to put the system ON/OFF test?
  • Has the client faced any issues with the intruder since the last service visit?
  • Either the client requires the training on the intruder system or not
  • Is there any change done in the premises, work procedure, or tenure?
  • Either the system performance is meeting the agreed operational requirement or not
  • Is there any additional up-gradation required or not
  • Is the system specification available for Service Engineer inspection either on-site or electronically?
  • Visual check – any potential issue (physical or electronic)?
  • Figure out the correct date and time
  • Determine the setting and unsetting procedure
  • Determine the entry and exit procedures
  • Check the detectors functions
  • To avoid adverse effects, check environmental conditions
  • Checking all voltages and data
  • Ensure all tools are properly reinstated after performing Routine Maintenance Test
  • By removing the power to the bell box, ensure either the backup battery activates the sounder or not
  • Checking all logins – if any have been breached, make changes and upgrade the office
  • Checking whether the system is ‘off test’ with ARC.
  • Verifying the history log up to date
  • Ensuring that the system is in full working order

Our Pricing

We serve our customers at competitive prices, and by applying our vast experience, we can maintain an intruder alarm system for commercial enterprises, industries, educational institutes, and all other organizations across the UK.

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Servicing Reports: An Important Part

After performing a maintenance visit, we will provide you with a full Preventative Maintenance Report that includes a detailed report of any repairs or works suggested for your system. It will also be discussed that either the specified work is just recommendations or they form an issue that affects your intruder alarm system’s operation and functionality.

What’s The Next Step?

If you’re:

  • looking forward to a new repairs/maintenance program for your intruder alarm system
  • Planning to move from your mandatory maintenance supplier

You can call us at 0333 344 5526 now – one of our experienced Security System Consultants will discuss your requirements in detail. They will answer your every question and inform you of the next steps. If it is required, we will arrange a free on-site survey. Based on your maintenance agreement, we offer reactive and planned maintenance by ensuring that your system is operational – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.