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How Intruder Alarm Systems Have Developed Over the Years

Wednesday September 1, 2021

Are you looking for a better security setup to protect your business? Or are you considering upgrading your already existing intruder alarm systems?

If yes, then this is the article for you! Here, we will be discussing the best alarm system which is highly suited to meeting the security requirements of today’s world.

When it comes to security, it is your right to have the best up-to-date security system installed at your home or workplace to ensure safety.

So are you ready to get into an innovative, stylish, yet well-priced intruder alarm system?

Here we go!

Old Alarm System Vs. Modern Alarm System

In the past, options available were limited to starting an alarm in the neighborhood only.

But, today, the features that a modern intruding alarm system offers are smart. When this alarm system observes suspicious activity on the premises, it silently gives an alert to the police station and security company.

Modern intruder alarm systems are highly suitable for healthcare security companies, hospital security companies, office security companies, security for schools, etc.


The keypad’s main function is to arm and disarms the alarm system, whether the old or new model. Today, we have the deluxe keypad that enables you to check and program the alarm system at your convenience.

Control Panel

Modern intruder systems offer a control panel that you can operate with your smartphone from anywhere, remotely at any time. In the present time, you cannot rely on telephone lines solely.

Today, you have the option of having a telephone line and cellular features to keep your system active all the time with the help of our advanced technology control panels.

Door Contacts

With the wireless intruder alarm system, you can also get wireless door contacts to avoid failure if the wire cuts off. It ensures the door contacts are in place and efficiently catches the activity if an intruder enters the premises.

Motion Sensors

A motion sensor is another essential part of the intruder alarm system, as it keeps you secure once activated.

It detects even minor movement in the installed area; therefore, you can avail the pet control settings with the new motion sensor to avoid the false alarm.

Wireless Panic Alarm

Since it isn’t included in most alarm systems, you can also add a panic alarm system to your security system.

It is a great feature that enables you to activate the alarm from any location that was not possible with a wired panic button before. 

Key Take

It is necessary not to compromise on anything when it comes to security measures. Indeed, we have discussed the modern developed intruder system and its outstanding features that minimize the risk of theft and robbery up to zero percent.

If you’re looking for a firm to assist you set up or maintain your company’s security system, Dacha SSI is the right station. They help you in making a customized choice as per your individual needs for your Office Security Solutions. Feel free to contact us for a free site survey, and great service regarding intruder alarm systems.