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Top Security Companies UK

Monday March 14, 2022

Top Security Companies UK

Protecting premier properties is the basic need of every business person and building holder; for this, a security company can serve you better.

The right security company delivers you a blend of convenience, performance, enhanced security, and insight. You need to hire a security partner who is a leader (not just a follower) and an innovator (not just an integrator), so eventually, you may get a multilayered and up-to-date security system.

Due to its experienced staff, availability of multiple tools, and knowledge of the latest technology, Dacha SSI stands in the top list of top security-providing companies.

Following are the security solutions that make Dacha SSI unique from other companies.

Alarm System

At Dacha SSI, we deliver competitively priced commercial alarm systems planned and designed depending on your specific needs and infrastructure. Dacha SSI offers top-notch customer service integrated with the best-customized solutions and manufacturer products.

Dacha’s alarm system includes:

  • Intrusion Alarm Systems
  • Process Monitoring
  • Shock/Vibration Sensors
  • Tank Pressure Monitors
  • Break-away Asset Monitors
  • Moisture Detection
  • Temperature Sensors

We Stand By It

We protect our customers from poor customer service and products. We never take security matters lightly but are proud of our services and premium-quality devices.

We Pride Ourselves In:

  • Quality Products
  • Responsive Service
  • Pride of Work
  • Professional & Local Technicians

Fire Alarm System

Investing in commercial fire alarm systems is an excellent practice. If your building’s fire alarm system is not installed or serviced appropriately. It’s time to turn to Dacha SSI.

We deliver leading products and services to make your fire system work at its full capacity and satisfy your region’s fire codes.


Your fire alarm system will receive appropriate assessments and inspections so that they comply with insurance policy requirements and fire codes.


We design addressable and conventional systems by using the best audio/visual devices and peripheral sensors.

Regional Leadership

As an experienced company, we emphasise the responsiveness, importance of quality service, and technical knowledge.

Audio/Video Solutions

Dacha SSI is always ready to make your commercial space smarter and safe. The latest audio-visual solutions make it straightforward for your business to enhance collaboration and productivity.

Dacha’s technicians can handle all types and sizes of companies to deliver functional and custom A/V systems in offices, laboratories, warehouses, lobbies, training rooms, and anywhere else you want.

Dacha’s full line of intuitive audio/video solutions will help you:

  • Enhance communication and collaboration
  • Efficiently connect and collaborate in-person and virtually
  • Improve learning environments
  • Increases audience engagement

We Have Expertise In

  • Cable TV distribution
  • Video conferencing
  • Digital signage, interactive displays, video wall displays
  • Large-format audio
  • Audio-video control spaces and consoles
  • Speech privacy and sound masking systems
  • Multimedia presentation tools: sound systems, projectors, and displays
  • Intuitive integrated controllers
  • Paging and intercom systems

Video Surveillance And AI-Enabled Security

We deliver optimised video surveillance solutions to our customers. Additionally, we provide storage systems, AI appliances, consulting services, and video transmission software that help you get the most cost-performance video surveillance solutions.

We try to provide outcomes that maximise both cost-efficiency and functionality.

The Dacha SSIVideo Monitoring Difference:

  • Voice-enabled camera technology delivers a reinforces awareness and audio presence,
  • The voice-down technology helps for proactive and reactive protection against crimes and any other unwanted activities.
  • Existing CCTV systems and design-build options can efficiently work with cutting-edge communications technology.
  • Diligent, reliable, and unwavering 24/7/365 service.

Control In The Cloud

Dacha’s strategic partnerships allow us to offer various cutting-edge cloud-based solutions. We can presume the administrative load with highly-managed options, and we can place the power in your hands with hosted options. We help our customers to focus on their productivity instead of security, as developing a security infrastructure is our responsibility.


  • System management from anywhere in the world
  • It is a powerful and real-time management
  • Cloud-based system back-ups with redundant fail-over protection
  • Reduces environmental impact
  • Administration and support by industry experts
  • Upgrade solutions can use existing wiring and electronic locking hardware
  • Systems support access cards, mobile credentials, fobs, or codes
  • Includes 24/7 Customer support

Managing Visitors For Safer Spaces & Better Experiences

We understand how critical and hectic it is to manage offices, rooms, and lobbies. Therefore, we develop an access control system that helps manage the visitors with more ease.

Dacha SSI can help you with occupant verification and streamline the traffic to ensure deliveries so that no illegal activity can happen. The access control system also facilitates recording the meetings and guest visits; eventually, you get safety and efficiency. This system ensures the guests and employees are safe – your company’s first impression and reputation build up.

You can manage any risky and vulnerable area by controlling people’s access. At Dacha SSI, we are experts in incorporating a wide range of access control solutions, from a single point to vast Enterprise Systems and small standalone systems to Small Distributed Systems.

Analytic Solutions

If security threats are concerned, businesses cannot predict the future. At Dacha SSI, we can develop security analytics to examine security matters and events to assess a threat before impacting your business.

What We Cover:

  • Crowd/Queue/Loitering Detection
  • PPE Detection
  • Accelerated Incident Investigation
  • People Counting
  • Registration Plate Recognition
  • Line Crossing
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Notifications
  • Anomalies

Why Choose Dacha SSI Security Provider?

We have an experience that many businesses face issues dealing with “big” security providers who often have communication gaps or treat their clients like another number. Therefore, we emphasise providing our clients with personalised services and unique solutions according to the requirements of their commercial space.

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