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How does a Burglar Alarm System work, and how can it protect you?

Wednesday July 28, 2021

Have you ever wondered how burglar alarms function? If yes, we have the answer for you in this blog!

You can configure alarms in multiple ways. Generally, though, they function with a network of motion detectors, door and window sensors, and a control panel. 

Following are some important components that function as one system to identify intrusions in your premises and notify you or the police.

Perimeter Protection

The most basic burglar alarm system looks for breaches into the protected area, such as through doors or windows.

The system then tries to prevent those breaches by constructing an electrical circuit, in which case it is either an open-circuit or a closed-circuit.

When an electric current is constantly circulating the periphery of the household, breaking the circuit – by opening doors or windows – will shut off the electric current.

This circuit break triggers the alarm system and causes the alert to sound. Closed-circuit systems work in this way activate when the power is cut.

On the other hand, an open-circuit system works oppositely. If an intruder conducts certain actions (such as breaching a window or door), they complete the circuit, and the current begins to flow. This current turns on the alarm and notifies you of the intrusion.

Door and Window Sensors

Burglar alarm circuits activate in several ways: 

Door sensors contain magnetic switches placed in the door frame that overlaps with a magnet in the door.
With a closed door, the button is pressed, completing the circuit. However, when intruders open the door, they disrupt the circuit, causing the alarm relay to activate. 

Window sensors utilize a similar concept, in which a switch in the window frame connects to a magnet installed in the doorway. So if someone forces a window open, the circuit trips and the alarm sounds.

Motion Sensors

Circuit alarm systems effectively protect your house or company and detect any breaches in the doors or windows. 

But what about outside the premises, or if the intruder made their way in before you switched the alarms on? 

This is where motion detectors become useful.

Radar-based motion sensors detect movement by emitting microwave energy in brief bursts. The waves bounce back to the motion sensor in the same manner that they were cast.

If a thief interrupts the sequence by entering the room, the motion sensor recognizes this and sets off the alarm.

Role of Control Panel

The control panel is a computer that arms the security system. It also detects breaches in the electrical circuit by checking the sensors connected to the alarm relay. 

Because this control panel has a separate power source, the intruder cannot turn it off before breaching the boundary. This provides a second layer of protection.

In any case, when a circuit is damaged, the control panel will either raise a loud alarm or notify the security provider – or both, in some circumstances!

The control panel also has a touchpad or touchscreen for manually arming and disarming the system. Typically, the method to silence the alarm when tripped is to enter the alarm’s PIN into the touchpad.

What Happens When a Burglar Attempts to Break in?

When a security system detects a breach, it triggers the alarm, notifying everyone around and perhaps scaring away the intruder.

A monitoring firm then contacts the emergency phone for the address, supervises the situation, and alerts the Police or the Fire Department in case of an emergency.


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