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Fence Intrusion Detection System

Monday April 4, 2022

Fence Intrusion Detection System

Physical security is not as easy as we think; if you want to secure your facility, staff, or clients, you need to develop a foolproof and future-proof security system – be more innovative and sharper than intruders.

There are several methods and devices that are mainly produced to secure physical entities, and Fence Intrusion Detection System is one of them. Do you know what a Fence Intrusion Detection System is? What are the benefits of this system, and how does it work?

A fence Intrusion Detection System includes active intruder detection, a virtual fence, tracking, classification, and action recognition. This helpful security system can be widely used to protect private and public areas such as military bases, airports, power stations, and construction zones against unidentified access.

If you want recognition of fence climbing or detection of intentional fence breaching, Fence Intrusion Detection System is best for you. To get to know more features and benefits of this system, you can read this article thoroughly.

What Are The Functions Of Fence Intrusion Detection Systems?

Fence detection systems prevent or postpone a massive percentage of intrusions. The Fence Intrusion Detection System (FIDS) uses different technologies to control intrusions by using fences and sensors.

A fence intrusion detection system was mainly used to rescue nuclear power plants from external hazards, such as malicious attacks and sabotage. Now, these intruder detectors are being used at multiple places. However, earlier versions of this detection system were configured to deter intrusions from visual assessment by an operator in the past. This had the disadvantages of relying on operator capabilities. Now the market is overwhelmed with many intelligent intrusion detection systems.

●    Virtual Fence Intrusion Detection System

Now image-based Intelligent Intrusion Detection System (IIDS) features active intruder detection, virtual fence, classification, tracking, and motion recognition to cope with the limitations.

An integrated acquisition device was produced by integrating thermal and optical cameras to compensate for the drawbacks of optical cameras – optical cameras do not detect an intrusion at night, under adverse weather conditions, or when the intruder is camouflaged.

The virtual fence sets the boundary between external areas and surveillance in a graphical user interface; it also defines an early pre-alarm area if needed.

An intrusion detection system detects the presence of intruders attempting to breach the perimeter of a building, property, building, or other secured areas. This detection system is often found in high-security environments and is typically deployed as part of an overall security system. You will mostly find this system around nuclear plans, correctional facilities, airports, or military bases.

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Types Of Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems Perimeter

A massive range of intrusion detection technologies is available in the current marketplace. The PIDS technologies are divided into the following categories:

  • Break wire
  • Seismic
  • Ground motion
  • Active IR
  • Electrostatic field
  • Magnetic
  • Microwave detectors
  • Near-IR beam break
  • Passive IR
  • Ported coaxial cable
  • Taut wire
  • Fence detection (typically an accelerometer or microphonic cable mounted on the fence)

●    Primary Application

A Fence Intrusion Detection System is an early warning system that warns a site’s alarm system before entering a building or other interior area while intruders are still at the perimeters.

A fence intrusion system does not replace surveillance cameras, but these two technologies work side by side. PIDS provides an early attempt of security breaching while cameras present real-time assessment capabilities. Fence Intrusion Detection systems are often merged with other security products like security lighting, signage, intercom systems, or loudspeakers to deter potential intruders.

Fence Intrusion Detection System Considerations

Detection of a confirmed or potential perimeter breach provides time for guard or police forces to intercept a threat before harm or loss occur. Facilities with Fence Intrusion Detection Systems in place range from cellular sites or remote petrochemicals to storage facilities to vehicle processing or critical infrastructure.

When you want to assess your current or new perimeter detection strategy, you need to consider multiple things, such as

  • Threat analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Dual-layer protection
  • Multi-layer protection
  • Delaying intruder access
  • Single-layer protection
  • Response force reaction time
  • A continuous line of detection
  • Early warning detection and assessment

Fundamental Principles Of An Effective Perimeter Intrusion Detection System 

An effective perimeter intrusion detection helps the users in several ways so that the security may not be compromised.

●    Deter

A fortified site is an ultimate deterrent to attackers. Commonly, perimeter fences/barriers and other visible devices (perimeter intrusion detection systems, lighting, and camera) deter a would-be attacker.

●    Detect

Detection sensors enhance the chances to identify intruders and stave off criminals’ attacks. A single layer of PIDS technology detects intruders at the outer boundary. However, a dual-layer approach helps protect a facility with higher security requirements (i.e. damage to higher-value assets or potential theft).

Layering technologies assist in the reinforcement of the perimeter layer. To maintain the highest security applications, a multi-layered system merges various technologies to add a high level of protection to every users’ life.

●    Delay

It is critical to maximise the time from ingress to attackable asset, to allow the security team time to reach the site and respond.

Physical barriers at the perimeter, internal barriers (ideally with PIDS), PIDS on and inside the perimeter fence, gaps between barriers, and attackable assets facilitate slowing down an attacker’s intrusion attempt.

●    Assess

Introduce an integrated system that includes CCTV/Video assessment and alarm communication of intrusions. Operators need to monitor what the system has detected.

●    Respond

The design scenarios and Fence Intrusion Detection System deployment stop a threat/attack or intruder.

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