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Dacha UK

Expert Security Solutions

Tuesday March 8, 2022

Expert Security Solutions

There is a sheer difference between security solutions provided by laypeople and experts. Laypeople deliver temporary security plans with limited services. However, security specialists undergo special training and gain tremendous experience to succeed in their careers.

A physical security specialist like Dacha SSI can foresee harmful security conditions and provide technical and physical support for highly vulnerable areas of your business. In addition, our experts’ duties also involve incorporating, auditing, and maintaining security devices.

Dacha SSI’s specialists provide dependable and cutting-edge custom security solutions with many perks. Our Expert Security Solutions help to combine the necessary products and services to protect your assets effectively.

Figure out further about Dacha SSI’s exclusive expert security solutions—the services and areas we cover.

Services Include In Our Expert Security Solutions

We at Dacha SSI provide custom-tailored security solutions to help companies achieve workplace safety, deter theft, safeguard property and business assets. We can integrate a security solution that your smartphone can manage.

Our security system comprises video surveillance systems, access control systems, motion sensors, fire detectors, and alarm systems. Fortunately, we cover every area and incorporate our services into the healthcare, industrial, commercial, education, utilities, leisure sectors.

It is time to dive into our security solutions in detail!

Access Management

Our access control system secures your business from storefronts to entire office buildings against unidentified access. This access control system helps you seamlessly track and manage entrance through user-friendly apps and softwares.

We provide our users ultimate support by installing access control in multiple areas so their staff and visitors can experience comfort at every step.

  • Our installed Car Park Management can alert you when the assigned parking allocation is full.
  • The Locker Management allows you to assign lockers to staff or visitors to share the project’s resources safely.
  • You can also develop an access control system for User Reporting as part of Time and Attendance.
  • With the help of access control management, you can do Visitor Management, accurately estimate your visitors, and provide them full compliance with your site rules.
  • The access control system also facilitates Meeting Room Booking.

In a nutshell, our intelligent access control system keeps your business’ resources, individuals, and assets secure through facial recognition & biometrics, mobile credentials, and automated screening procedures.

To understand more about access control, you can read Understanding Access Control Systems and The Benefits Of Access Controls Within Your Building.


Whether you want to manage one spot or tens of thousands, our security camera and CCTVs can be a crime deterrent. We can install, maintain, and monitor from standard video surveillance to IP systems and, in fact, cloud-based storage choices.

Features Of Our Camera and CCTV Solution

  • Multi-device remote access
  • Tried and tested
  • Infrared to white light to facilitate nighttime monitoring and recording
  • Mobile app with real-time video
  • Offer interactive video monitoring
  • Video storage choices include local and cloud storage
  • The facility of integration of surveillance with intrusion detection systems, access control, and other elements


The expert team of Dacha SSI can create the security analytics setup to analyse security issues. Analytics support detecting a threat before it impacts your business. The experts of Dacha SSI can install analytics utilising advanced AI technology to forewarn you of irregularities.

Through the features of our installed analytic, you can secure your workplace from every point of view.

Intruder Alarm Solution

A well-designed alarm system is an ideal solution for deterring and detecting intrusion. Our experts can install an independent and objective advice alarm system so your team can work confidently and without any security fear.

With the limitless scope, our commercial alarm systems can provide

  • Instant off-site communications
  • Panic alarm function
  • Perimeter detection
  • Remote outbuilding monitoring
  • Specific asset monitoring and much, much more.

As a favour, we can also do a free site survey. If you are interested, you can contact us. We will assess your premises, long-term objectives, and your needs; eventually, we will develop the most effective and competitive alarm design. So no intruder can escape from your intelligent alarm system.

Control Room

Dacha SSI, being your reliable security partner, also serves you in developing an unrivalled Control Room.

We understand that the control room is the core of the building as it monitors the function of the entire building. Thus, keeping its functionality in mind, we ensure that the control room is efficiently integrated, so that event data does not lag in reaching the control room.

Before designing a flawless and up-to-the-mark control room, we consider every crucial factor, such as

  • Existing Site Setup
  • Scalability
  • Risks and Procedures
  • Operator Welfare
  • System Redundancy
  • Interoperability of Systems

To get more information about Dacha SSI’s control room, you can click here!

Why Choose Dacha SSI?

Dacha SSI is the name of quality and intelligence; we can install world-class security devices at the fairest price. We hold our costumes back and contribute to them beyond their expectations.

The Name Rings True

Dacha SSI is absolutely an expert company in the security field. With decades of

experience, we have many satisfied clients and have made bespoke business security solutions for tons of companies and homes across the UK.

Dacha SSI knows what exactly it takes to develop a perfect security system for you. So, if you want a top-class security system, consult our experts immediately!

With You From Start To Finish

Choosing us can provide you with plenty of benefits; we will interact with you on every step of the security management process.

We support our clients in every possible way—from the initial design to final installation and checks—so they may not feel lost or worried at any point. We not only install the security devices but stay with our customers till the end.

Have a look at how we can support you!


We do not have one design for every client; we can design a customized security solution for every client. We follow your needs and the layout of premises before finalising any design. In addition, we also 100% per cent ensure that customers get multilayered and state-of-the-art security solutions.


Our experienced installation team also installs your custom security solution quickly and efficiently.

Audit And Maintenance

We do surveys and keenly observe whether your security devices are up-to-date and serving flawlessly or not—our aftercare services help to keep your security equipment well-managed and maintained for long-life operation.

Our Summary

It is not wrong to say that Dacha SSI provides expert security solutions to its customers that pay off the price and makes them satisfied.

We know what different buildings and properties need; therefore, our experts install the latest security technology of the best value to your business.

Are you ready to take the next step to a safer tomorrow? Get in touch with the Dacha SSI team today to arrange a free site survey and consultation.

Do not forget your life, reputation, and security are our top property!