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Is Your Security Infrastructure Built On Sand?

Tuesday March 1, 2022

Is Your Security Infrastructure Built On Sand?

A company’s long-term performance is heavily influenced by the security architecture of its infrastructure. It identifies threats and vulnerabilities before any big catastrophes. Moreover, it decreases future risks and the effort required to keep operations running at total capacity. Every organization needs established standards and methods for identifying and prioritizing assets, determining risks, and implementing mitigation and continuity measures.

What do you think about your infrastructure security? How well is it managed? Are you confident about your security system? Is your security infrastructure built on sand? We know you face dozens of challenges when it comes to infrastructure security. You need endpoint security, firewalls, and corporate security rules are all in place. But is it all, or is there anything more required?

CCTV and access control systems are often overlooked by in-house IT teams and rarely fall under the cover of a support contract from an external IT partner. It means that they are often left on unsupported software such as Windows 7 or Microsoft Server 2012. However, CCTV and access control’s connection with Windows and Microsoft is also necessary as it can support your security system for the long run. Wondering how?

Read below to learn the steps to protect your security infrastructure if it suffers a catastrophic outage.

Impact Of Security Outage On Organizations And Businesses: Explore Before You Are Late

Despite the seriousness of the consequences and the existence of well-defined norms, businesses have frequently failed to avert catastrophic incidents. Thus, failing to meet their growth objectives and putting their most vulnerable customers at risk.

Risk management solutions that were poorly conceived often led to failures, like sand barriers against wild sea waves. There have been more and more dangers to critical resources in recent months because opponents have turned to novel methods of stealing or destroying them.

Terrorism, cyber-attacks, and vandalism are just a few of the man-made dangers to infrastructure security that have arisen for the past few years.

The Importance Of Security Cameras In Infrastructure Security

One of the most cost-effective methods of securing an infrastructure is CCTV security or video surveillance systems. With the latest surveillance system technology, you can watch companies and assets effortlessly and continuously to safeguard them from all forms of threats and calamities.

CCTV cameras are very affordable and dependable, they are typically favoured over physical security guards, or you can even add them along with guards. While installing CCTVs, don’t miss to support them with CCTV surveillance software.

So, if you’re looking for a security service to assist you in setting up or managing your infrastructure’s security system, Dacha SSI is the one that exclusively stands out in the market!

How To Protect Your Security Infrastructure?

Several questions come to mind while talking about the security of your infrastructure, such as;

  • What if your security system collapses?
  • How quickly could they be recovered, and what would the impact be on the safety and security of your people, property, and stock?
  • Would your insurance cover you if something happened while your cameras weren’t working?
  • What about your duty of care to your employees?
  • Would you be exposed to litigation if something happened when the security measure you deemed necessary to protect their health, safety, and security?

To answer all those questions, you need to have some ways to protect your security infrastructure. The following are the ways through which you can do it:

●     Ensure The Server OS is Supported

The operating system of your CCTV is the actual environment in which your program is executed. It might jeopardize the safety of the operating system if your CCTV has a flaw. You may achieve stability, resource control, and external access by securing the operating system.

The system’s physical security is critical—both the internet and a physical computer can pose a threat. It doesn’t matter if the Web access is safe; if an attacker has physical access to the server, it’s far easier for them to break in.

Therefore it is necessary to check your operating system’s security rules and suggestions.

●     Plan for Updates

Having a cyber security strategy is crucial in today’s company environment. Unless you have the necessary tools in place in case of a data breach, you’re leaving yourself up to a data breach from which you may never be able to recover fully.

Having the correct tools in place is crucial, but keeping them up to date is essential. In today’s fast-paced world, staying up-to-date with your security tools isn’t worth much more than not having any at all.

●     Back-Up Regularly

It’s usually a good idea to routinely back up your system data. Backing up your data means making a copy of it if the original is lost. You can use backups to restore a whole hard disc or individual data that have been erased or damaged.

●     Cloud Is Better Than On-Premise

Cloud computing eliminates the trouble of maintaining and upgrading systems, allowing you to focus your time, money, and resources on your key business strategy. With assured 99 percent uptime and real-time access to systems and data from a range of devices, the cloud is quickly becoming the preferred alternative for businesses in the UK and all over the world.

You can use Azure or AWS. If you need a robust Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider with Windows integration, Azure is the best option. If you require infrastructure-as-a-service ( IaaS) or a varied collection of tools, AWS is the best option.

●     Protect Your System From Virus

Viruses and other malicious activities can quickly attack your organization. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that you take adequate measures to protect your system with different anti-virus, ransomware, and firewall software.

How Can Dacha SSI Provide Security to Your Infrastructure?

Dacha SSI is a recognized security management organization that can help you understand security risks, identify gaps, and implement appropriate security measures.

It can assess and audit your security system to ensure it is free of flaws. You can get numerous security services such as analytics, intrusions, access management, and control room CCTV at Dacha SSI.

Our Summary

You may now be able to assess the importance of security measures for your infrastructure. So, ignorance might cost a company a lot in such a crucial matter.

This article explains the security dangers your infrastructure may encounter and the measures to reduce these risks if you think your security infrastructure is built on sand.

Feel secure and contact Dacha SSI to learn more about physical security threats and solutions to avoid them. Dacha SSI with 24/7 services can support you for your every security concern!