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Understanding Access Control Systems

Sunday August 1, 2021

An access control system is a type of security system that helps prevent crimes at the entry-level itself. They have been around for a long time now. However, if you are among those people who are relatively new to this type of security system, this guide is perfect for you!

Just read on to find out more about access control systems. By the end of the guide, we are confident that you’ll have a better comprehension about what exactly is an access control system and its importance.

What Is Access Control System?

In a nutshell, an access control system controls the entry of people to your business premises. Furthermore, you can also allow or deny entry to a particular room, floor, or device in the business space.

In other words, access control systems allow you to selectively grant access to “authorized” individuals to enter a specific area while restricting “unauthorized” persons.

How Do Access Control Systems Work?

There are different types of access control systems. Hence, each type has various components and working methods. Nonetheless, most standard access control systems work in five basic steps:

  • Authorization – Turning unidentified persons into authorized individuals
  • Authentication – Authorized individuals present their credential for getting access
  • Access – If the system approves and recognizes the user’s credential, it will grant access to the designated area
  • Monitoring – Administrators or security officers monitor, manage, and maintain access control system data, including changing permissions, adding alerts, removing credentials, etc.
  • Reporting – Creating a report of your access control system data is important while investigating any suspicious activities.

Why You Need An Access Control System

Access control systems may not make the entire security system. However, they’re a crucial part that can strengthen the security and safety of any business.

All businesses have intellectual data, sensitive information, and physical assets that are kept in secret. Yours might have it too. An access control system can limit the entry of unauthorized employees and intruders in such sensitive areas. This way, you can better protect all your business’s top secrets. Also, access control systems reduce the risk of information exposure, employee theft, fraud, and other crimes.

A well-established access control system can also increase your business’s overall efficiency. With the system, you can keep a check on your employees’ attendance and track their movements.

Are Access Control Systems Really Secure?

Generally, access control systems are secure and reliable. But, nowadays, it has become cheaper and easier for anyone to breach security systems due to the vast availability of tools. Hence, it is vital that you keep your access control systems well-encrypted and updated.

Majority of businesses are usually unaware of the safety risks of access control systems. This is where a professional company such as Dacha comes in! We can educate consumers on these safety risks and teach them how to better protect against such potential threats.