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Hospitality Industry Security

Monday August 22, 2022

Hospitality Industry Security: How To Maintain It?

Besides being good at food and beverages, recreation, travel and tourism, and lodging, every hospitality industry must also be good at customers’ safety and protecting business assets. In fact, physical security is the first line of defence in establishing any brick-and-mortar.

It’s because if an organisation focuses entirely on its administrative aspects and ignores physical security, it loses its market reputation.

By developing an all-rounded security framework, hospitality industries can develop and deploy absolute security devices to control entire premises.

Walk through this article to further explore the importance of Hospitality Industry Security and the ways to make a true security haven for your hospitality industry.

Anticipated Risks To Hospitality Industry Security

Like various other departments, hospitality businesses also encounter myriad security risks, and the primary reason is the limited movement of workers and employees that affects their privacy.

Below are some significant risks that surround the hospitality industry:

Risk 1: Unauthorised Visitors

Keeping an eye on visitors in hotels, bars, or restaurants is challenging, mainly during peak hours. It shows malicious individuals can sneak into the establishment and even in restricted areas when hotels are fully packed.

Risk 2: Theft

A survey of 1,157 hoteliers revealed a slew of bizarre theft activities occurred in 4- and 5-star hotels. The respondents explained that outsiders and hotel guests often steal valuable items, and due to uncheck situations, it becomes easier for them to steal hospitality facilities.

Risk 3: Safety Emergencies

It is not all about the hospitality industry but any facility where people gather needs specific security standards to mitigate potential threats. Fire, gas leaks, natural disasters, and electrical issues are some of the problems that need to be catered to avoid any stressful situation — life loss, property damage, or injuries.

Risk 4: Insider Threats

Burglars, guests, or outsiders are not merely culprits of security of the hospitality industry; various theft, vandalism, and misconduct rise inside the sector. In fact, workers can badly break the business by jeopardising the enterprise and security operations of the company.

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Risk 5: Cyber Threats

Cyber crimes are dramatically increasing as the hospitality industry is shifting online for booking, check-ins, and payment. In a 2019 CyberThreat Report, online guest services, public WiFi, and credit card info were considered the primary targets of hacks.

Risk 6: Misconduct

Misconduct is most common in clubs and bars where guests become rowdy and aggressive; if the situation goes out of control, severe property damage can be made. Efficient security solutions can help to control this behaviour; otherwise, such conditions can damage business standards and reputations.

So, these are some of the security threats the hospitality industry encounters. Now, the crucial step is finding the solutions to these misconducts. Without wasting time; let’s delve into the hospitality industry security solutions.

Key Elements Of Modern Physical Security Systems

Time ago, the managers of the hospitality industry were used to stationing security guards, security dogs, or blaring sirens to mitigate physical security, but currently, physical security is more sophisticated and subtle.

Professional security companies are hired to install smart digital security devices to respond to security cliches quickly.

Solution 1: Surveillance

An advanced surveillance system supports the 24/7 monitoring of suspicious activities. These surveillance videos also help monitor employees’ activities and productivity, so the industry may not revive any inside or outside harm.

Solution 2: Access Control

Controlling access of undetected people can reduce a massive crime ratio. Electronic locks that feature key-card entry, biometric scanners, and motion tracking are the new lock-and-key to control and monitor access to restricted areas.

Solution 3: Intruder Detection Systems

An intruder detection notifies the company about the irrelevant activity; it automatically gets triggered when someone tries to enter a restrained area.

Tap on this link to learn how a Burglar Alarm System works and how it can protect you.

Solution 4: Alarm Systems

Alarm systems bang to deliver mass notifications to crew members to inform them about emergencies. The alarm system is interconnected with multiple sensor arrays and security systems.

Solution 5: Vehicle Security

Evaluate your hospitality industry’s guest parking facilities, lighting, and sightlines because parking lots are vulnerable to crime. Ensure all lights are working and pathways are clear – no trees are not blocking the cameras or sight lights.

Solution 6: Key Management

Another way of crime deterrent is developing a mechanism for tracking and auditing keys. Keeping the back-of-the-keys in a safe place can help because keys can be lost or misplaced, creating massive trouble in maintaining security as you are supposed to replace the locks immediately to avoid any mishap. Also, an electronic key management system is a cost-effective way to track keys.

Solution 7: Duress Alert Systems (Panic Buttons)

Several cities and states require duress alert buttons for service staff that vary in cost and features. If you have a duress alert system in your industry, plan drills to ensure it is working correctly and suggest the team develop the habit of quickly responding to the button.

Additionally, you also need to figure out whether this panic button makes sense for your venue or not. You can find any other relevant button instead of the Duress alert system but whatever you place at your venue, avoid misusing it.

Solution 8: Phone And Mobile Device Security

Keep auditing the business and guest rooms phones and in your hotel to ensure their Availability in the case of emergency. You also must keep your staff prepared and trained to respond to emergency calls immediately.

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An Upgraded Security Offer Satisfactory Guest Experience

Good security scales up hospitality industries’ operations and increases the business reputation; though maintaining this security seems challenging, it is doable. For this, you can take the help of a reliable security industry, such as Dacha SSI.

Dacha SSI helps you install stand-alone security devices and long-term techniques to tackle security issues. The experienced Dacha SSI team also offers a security checklist to identify what can work for you. Moreover, our list can determine which new security solutions need to be replaced to support your business growth.

Contact Dacha SSI to get a free site survey, explore the customised solutions that fit your industry, and streamline your hotel’s operations effectively!