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Why Employees Are Your Biggest Security Threat

Monday January 10, 2022

Many companies consider their assets and facilities safe once they enforce security policies and incorporate state-of-the-art technologies. Unfortunately, they overlook the anticipated threats that can drive by company insiders. Companies often face more challenges due to insider attacks than outsiders.

Do you know what insider threats to your office’s physical security are? Your former or current employees, contractors, security guards, custodial staff, and other business partners can cause theft of stock, commercial burglary, and much more. Have you taken security measurements to prevent these threats? You can adopt several metrics to assess security effectiveness and enhance countermeasures.

Read this article ahead to explore how employees can harm your business. What steps can prevent your company from employee threat, and which company can facilitate you in this regard?

Let’s begin without any delay!

Top Security Threats By Employees And Their Significant Solutions

Loopholes in physical security impact company assets and pose threats to virtual safety as well. Keep in mind that many security threats are created within the office’s four walls, which badly impact your company’s roots.

Let’s unfold what kind of threats your company has from your workers.

●     Threat 1: An Authorized Entry

Many workplaces security attacks are caused due to inappropriate access control. The guards show negligence and do not keep check and balance on the entrance and exit. This way, the risk of unauthorized persons entering the secure premises increases. Ultimately, your workplace assets become unsafe.

Quick Solution:

  • Don’t open the office gates unnecessarily.
  • Install bars, fences, or traffic cones.
  • Issue identity badges to workers and authorized contractors
  • Incorporate anti-tailgating doors featured with turnstiles or RFID. It will ensure that everyone is swiping the card before entering the office.

●     Threat 2: Leaking Confidential Information

Office theft is not all about material assets and facilities; data leakage can cause even more severe impacts. Due to employees’ you cannot only lose your facilities, but credit card details, intellectual property, and other sensitive information.

Often, employees, for their personal benefit, leak confidential data. Thus, scattered documents are the golden ticket for your guards, employees, or other malicious actors.

In many cases, former employees are involved in data theft. They can use their credentials to enter a company’s facilities, so it is essential to terminate their rights as they leave the organization.

Quick Solutions

  • You can mitigate the security risk by following the clear desk policy to ensure that your confidential documents are in a safe place when employees leave the desk.
  • Printer authentication can prevent irrelevant printing and sit in the printing bay.
  • Shredding confidential documents can also be helpful, so guards and custodians cannot access them.
  • Managers should avoid leaving their devices unattended.
  • Restrict the access of fired employers right when they leave the company.

●     Threat 3: Damaging Physical Property Or Devices

Many businesses take physical security for granted without knowing that employees and guards are also responsible for making and breaking a company’s assets, reputation, and growth.

A dishonest and unloyal employee can facilitate unauthorized access and data breaching. Further, they can steal or damage property, devices, and equipment. So a robust physical control can prevent the employees from such physical attacks.

Quick Solution

  • Prevent unauthorized physical access
  • Embed key-card access systems
  • Install security cameras and monitor them regularly

If you want more tips on identifying and managing security risks to your business, you can read this article.

●     Threat 4: Disclosing Security Plans

Employees are the backbone of every company, but many security issues also arise due to employees. Many employees disclose the company’s secret security plans and vulnerable areas of their workplaces; eventually, the act of robbery, crimes, burglary, and vandalism raises

Quick Solution

  • Train the staff and develop a sense of owning in them.
  • Checking employees’ background (just like insiders, custodians and guards should also undergo the background check)
  • Workers that have broad access should be vetted.
  • Perform a vulnerability analysis

Note: If you face any hassle while installing security devices, you can simply contact Dacha SSI as it can incorporate traditional and latest security devices in every field. Whether you are looking for industrial, commercial, educational, or healthcare security solutions, Dacha is always here to assist you. Indeed, Dacha SSI provides reliable solutions at a cost-effective price.

Practical And Long-Lasting Solutions To Control Insiders Threats

A company faces tons of inside and outside threats, so you need to take every possible step to keep the security hazards at bay.

Here we have some additional solutions that you can adopt to keep your company safe and secured.

●     Work On Access Points

To mitigate the physical security risk, you can identify your workplace vulnerabilities. Prevent the employees’ and guards access to vulnerable points and ensure that you intercept them if they reach there with an intended target.

●     Incorporate CCTV Cameras

Undoubtedly, a good security strategy comprises devices that foster risk detection, inspection, and response. For instance, a CCTV camera records the activity and gets the evidence.

In addition to security cameras, security intercom and alarm systems also serve as detection tools.

●     Access Control

Another long-lasting solution to prevent the employees from damaging your property is implementing access control. You can implement access control in parking lots and other risky areas to control their access so that nobody can enter the control room or any other sensitive area without permission.

Access control systems can help you in managing the traffic by slowing down the sheer volume of individuals entering and exiting the office building. Access control protects your employees and building from external and internal threats.

●     Risk Assessment

It is integral to conduct a risk assessment and audit on a monthly or annual basis, as it can point out the weaknesses of your security system. So, none of your employees can threaten your workplace in any way.

If you want to conduct a security audit, don’t go anywhere; just contact Dacha SSI. Wondering why? Have a look at the Things That Dacha SSI Consider During A Security Audit.

●     Employees Screening

If you want to protect the company from insider threats and danger, background screening is essential. You can verify employees’ as they have direct contact with your data, assets, and other workers.

Most corporate crimes happen by involving your most trustworthy employees who know every secret of your company.

To thwart the physical security risk, employee training can also work wonders. Educating employees via training and sessions can reduce the risk of criminal activities, such as theft of stock, assaults, and commercial espionage.Besides background screening, a regular check on the employees is also necessary.

●     Stolen IDs

ID cards (ID numbers) play an integral role in keeping the workplace secure. Educate workers on the cruciality of protecting IDs and ensure that they are not sharing their IDs with another worker or outside the office.

Encourage the employees to report the head if the ID card is missed or stolen. Deactivate the lost ID card and issue the new one to the employee. If an employee frequently loses an ID card, don’t take it for granted- investigate the reason behind it.

Our Summary

In every company’s success staff plays a vital role. Thus, it would help if you put extraordinary effort while recruiting the candidates. Focus on their training and embed the latest security devices; hence, you cannot face any inside or outside threat.

Employees can rob or damage office valuables, assets, and secret information; you need to go some extra miles to enhance your business security. To learn the ways to deal with these security threats, you can read this article from top to bottom.

If you feel any difficulty in managing your business security, you can take the help of Dacha SSI. Dacha SSI can make your company safe and secure from every point of view. Whether you want to incorporate CCTVs, intruders, control rooms, access management, or analytics, Dacha SSI is one solution for all these security tools. So, go ahead, contact Dacha SSI, and get rid of all security threats.