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The Top 5 Things We Look At During A Security Audit

Thursday December 9, 2021

The Top 5 Things We Look At During A Security Audit

Security audit can provide you with a massive list of benefits – it helps you protect the facilities, identify the flaws in building, develop new security strategies, and track the effectiveness of the security plans. 

A regular security audit can ensure whether security devices and employees stick to the set security practices or not. It can also determine whether the devices are capable of catching new vulnerabilities or there is a need for any up-gradation. It is something to keep in mind that a reliable security system is not a one-size-fits-all solution because every building and area is unique and has different security needs, which have evolved over time.

Well, there are ample users who know the importance of security audit, but they are not pretty aware of the things that are crucial to look at the time of security audit, and they even don’t know about a competent company to hire for their assessment and audit services. 

In the long list of security audits, we have found Dacha Security System the most prominent, advanced, and well-equipped. Are you wondering why Dacha SSI is a leading and top-notch security maintenance and assessment company? Are you eager to explore what makes them unique?

This blog post will shed light on the Top 5 Things that Dacha SSI Look At During A Security Audit! 

Things We Look At During A Security Audit – A Worthier Checklist

Dacha SSI is a versatile security company that has been serving for the last so many decades; our proficient team is well aware of this era’s security protocols and needs. Thus, we provide our services of installing and then auditing the security devices of every commercial, healthcare, and industrial area. Eventually, your precious things remain safe from risks and theft. 

Regardless of how large or small your asset is (loading dock, pickup lots, gates, doors, etc.), we consider every sensitive area’s security and operating abilities.

We have dozens of security systems and Perimeter Fencing Solutions that we can incorporate into your company to guard the personnel and property against damage or harm.

Now, it is time to unfold the determinants of our safety workplace guide!

  • Dysfunctional Security Cameras And Alarms

We at Dacha SSI keenly monitor the cameras that are incorporated inside and out of your building. We also guide on the security cameras that are not installed at an appropriate place, don’t work properly, or are not necessary now. 

Similarly, the alarm system that is disarmed increases the chances of criminal activities, so we fix them immediately. Moreover, we also highlight every access point where alarms are needed. To boost security, we prefer state-of-the-art alarms and cameras.

Dacha SSI makes explicitly sure the following factors of the camera:

  • Are cameras capable of switching automatically according to light availability?
  • Are the entrance points and exits of the building being monitored by cameras or not?
  • Do the cameras cover the incidents 24 hours a day or only review after an incident has occurred?

Eventually, through these security devices, your company facilities, resources, and equipment remain safe from the inside, outside, and somehow environmental threats.

Perimeter intrusion detection systems play a significant role in maintaining the physical security of a company. It can detect intruders’ presence and fail their attempts to breach the building, property, building, or other secured areas. A slight mishandling or error can interrupt its function; thus, we thoroughly check its elements and inspect the sensor selection, procurement, and installation. To keep the criminals at bay, we ensure up-to-date and well-maintained PIDS.

  • Physical Barriers – Including Fences, Bollards, Tire Strips, Gates
  • Fencing:

When it comes to security, nothing is to be compromised, even a little damage or hole, as it can cause a big disaster. The fence is a hurdle that resists the individuals who try to enter the building sneakily; any flaw in the fence can assist the thieves in the break-in. Thus, we verify the fence height, quality, and strength so the risk of unauthorized access can be reduced. 

The Fence Intrusion Detection System plays a vital role in detecting the intruders that try to cross at the fence line. To make this system run efficiently, there is a need to have strict checks and balances on it, so our technology-oriented team monitors its parts, their connection, and performances. In the end, you can have 100% smooth detection with no gaps.

  • Bollards:

To prevent building damage, there must be bollards at access points; hence, we assess what is the quality of bollards, are capable of controlling the traffic appropriately, and where there is a need to install more bollards?

  • Tire Strips:

We keep every minor security factor in mind because a bit of an issue can impact your building as a whole. The experience of our team and their foresight can protect you from anticipated damages. We understand the cruciality of fences, bollards, tire strips, etc., and at the time of the audit, we check their position, condition, and tendency to manage the building entrance. 

  • Anti-Tailgating Doors:

Tailgating is one of the primary issues that most companies face; to get rid of this issue, we prefer to install anti-tailgating doors. To completely reduce this issue, we regularly oversee its performance and also train the staff about this problem.

  • Access Points and Access Methods

The access points are always at the risk of criminals, thieves, and unauthorized personnel; therefore, Dacha SSI‘s professional and experienced staff check every sensitive part, gates, doors, windows, stairwells, elevators, turnstiles, and docks. These are the points from where unauthorized people try to enter your office, school, gym building.

At the time of the audit, we also ensure the availability of sufficient lighting on the vulnerable spots or access points. We also point out every potential concealment where more lights are needed, so the employees and guards can work conveniently.

We also evaluate the access control and access methods – locks, code or cipher locks, proximity cards/swipe cards, and numerous other credentialing methods.

  • Verifying the Use of Company Assets

The real success and functionality of security devices begin with the employees since to avoid security incidents, they should adhere to the security process. The culture of convenience creates a lot of trouble, so for the company’s reputation, nobody should be allowed to use the shortcuts or unauthorizedly open the doors or discard confidential information. To avoid security breaches, at the time of the physical audit, the Dacha Security System’s team assesses the employees’ adherence to the security process and awareness level.

Dacha SSI (Safety, Security, Intelligence) also manages the following details:

  • Develops staffs’ insight about the importance of company badges or Id cards
  • To mitigate the security risks, ensures the screening of new candidate
  • Promotes training programs because trained staff can better respond at the time of risk
  • Encourages staffs’ regular follow-up

Finally, we can conclude that the Dacha SSI team has exclusive management, technology consideration, and a physical security approach that makes your security system rapid in reaction and responsive in emergency conditions. This way, you get incredible staff and data security.

Our Summary

A security audit demands minimal time, but it casts lasting effects on the safety and security of your locations. Additionally, it reduces organization loss and uplifts the employees’ and customers’ safety. A security audit that is conducted by a skillful team, just like Dacha SSI, makes the facility less vulnerable and raises your organization’s efficiency manifolds.

Thus, in this article, we have briefed on features that make the Dacha SSI the most respected security company. We have also enlisted the things we mainly look at during a security audit so that the process can be utmost successful and up to the mark. 

If you also want to hire the most exceptional company for a security audit and assessment, you can consider Dacha SSI without bringing any second thought to your mind. Our audit can uncover the major physical security issues and provide you with premium service at a keen price!