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Access Control Systems

Monday April 11, 2022

Access Control Systems 

An access control system is a security method that can accurately control the access of personnel both physically and virtually – only those people can enter the building who have authentication credentials.

‘Virtual’ access control provides connections to computer networks and data, using passwords and pin codes, for example, as a secure authorisation method.

‘Physical’ access system controls when a person can enter an area; it lets only those persons enter who have a secure authentication such as an ID card or biometric identification.

Physical access control systems include doors, locked gates, or barriers that open using identity authentication methods – pin codes, RFID access cards, face recognition, fingerprints, or smartphones. Access control technology presents information to track how a site is being used, such as time usage and frequency trends.

In a nutshell, installing an access control system can benefit you in multiple ways. You can read this article to develop a full and comprehensive understanding of how access control systems work, their benefits, and much more.

Uses Of Access Control Systems

The use of access control is increasing day by day, and by 2027, the global access control market is predicted to be worth $15.62 Billion. The access Control system can be used for applications such as:

  • Hotels
  • Nursing homes
  • Retail stores
  • Homes security
  • Shared Office Spaces
  • Factories and warehousing
  • Medical centres and hospitals
  • Sports facilities and leisure centres
  • Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) such as apartments and flats

Components Of Access Control

The access control system includes three components that work together to control people’s access to deter criminals. Each component consists of different parts to increase the efficiency and accuracy of a security system.

  • User facing (the cards, ID badges, smartphone apps, etc.)
  • Admin facing (management dashboard, or porta; hare, the office administrator, IT manager, or head of security sets the parameters of persons)
  • Infrastructure (controller/Access Control Panel, server, and cables)

Different Types Of Access Control System

There are five main types of access control systems:

  1. Manual Access Control
  2. Mechanical Access Control
  3. Electronic Access Systems
  • Standalone Systems
  • Online Systems
  1. Mechatronic Access Control
  2. Physical Access Systems

Some Examples Of Physical Access Systems

  • Turnstiles
  • Rising barriers
  • Revolving doors
  • Sensor barriers
  • Security interlocks

Which Access Control System Is Appropriate For You?

Before specifying an access control system, you need to figure out functionality, numbers of users, the scale of the site, levels of security, types of users, and, of course, budget. Another crucial aspect to consider is whether the system will work in the future or not.

A forward-thinking perspective is essential as it will serve you even after many years ahead. Whatever you choose, keep considering the purchasing, installation, and maintenance cost of all security components.

If you want to learn about other security trends, you can read 6 Surprising Trends In Security Today.

Why Do You Require An Access Control System?

Access control system controls and monitors who can access the premises of your office. There are endless benefits of access control systems, such as:

●    Easier Access For Employees

An access control system controls users’ access to different zones. Company owners can authorise only a few particular employees to access the areas they want for their job.

By using an input pin or key card, employees can access different gates, doors, barriers, and designated routes with all ease.

●    No Need For Traditional Keys

Traditional keys bring a lot of disadvantages and insecurities as keys can be duplicated, but there are no such risks for access control. If keys are lost or missed, you need to visit a locksmith and face many other hassles.

An access control system is fully secured and time-saving; you do not need to find a relevant key from a key bunch.

●    Saves Money

Along with other benefits, access control security saves money on security guards and security locks – an unmanned access device can verify a person’s identity accurately.

●    Maintain Track Of Who Enters/Exits The Area

An access control system holds track of who and when anybody enters and exits a room or building. This way, on-site issues, and crimes can be reported!

●    Protection Against Unknown Visitors

An access control system demands credentials before letting a person in. Thus, a person without credentials cannot enter the building, so the crime rate reduces automatically.

●    Employee Freedom

Access control system reduces employees’ worry to wait for the gates to open. No matter the time of their duty, they can use their credentials to enter the building.

Moreover, as a company owner, you do not need to always stand at the gate to see who is entering because access control can monitor everything and even provide you with a later report.

●    Protection Against Data Breaches

Essential data such as financial records, health documents, and general data is often stored on servers. Access control systems keep the information safe by restricting access to IT rooms; hence, only assigned individuals can access them.

●    Safe Environment

Access control system stops everyone without the proper credentials, therefore, keeping the people inside safe.

Access control systems are multi-beneficial—you can protect your suppliers, assets, equipment, and employees. You can allow only trusted people to enter.

What Dacha SSI Consider While Incorporating An Access Control System

  • At Dacha SSI, we ensure that the user interface is straightforward to manage.
  • We consider integration: how your access devices should be integrated, whether integrated with your HR system, directory, or with video surveillance and equipment.
  • We also make sure that either you require third-party hardware or proprietary hardware.
  • We can also make your access control system compatible with mobile apps on your demand.
  • There are different authentications available; we can install the one you find convenient.
  • Traditional options include keypad pin entry or a card/ fob that is swiped or scanned.
  • Biometric identification consists of face recognition, fingerprint & voice recognition, and contactless ID from your smartphone via Bluetooth, NFC, or QR code.
  • We try to make the report generating process easy for you.
  • Software updates are also crucial, so we manage whether you want an automatic process or require staff for software updates?

Do You Need Help Specifying Your Access Control System?

Dacha SSI is one of the UK’s leading companies that offer professional access control and door intercom products, install them, and audit them, too.

Dacha SSI’s professional designers provide unique architecture designs for installers and integrators to provide you with the best indoor entry and access control technology.

We can develop a complete well-integrated security system by blending your ideas and needs with our knowledge and experiences. Without a doubt, you will get a future-proof security system!

If you want to discuss your access control system ideas, want to get a free site visit, or you like to get more information, please call our team today at 0333 344 5526 or email us now.