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6 Surprising Trends In Security Today

Thursday December 16, 2021

6 Surprising Trends In Security Today

With the advancement in technologies, criminals are also becoming smart and using new tactics. So, to deal with the advanced security threat, there is a need to update your business with threat forecasting and modeling.

The increase in burglary and threats ratio has badly impacted the peace and productivity of every business. Those who excel in the field of physical security are always on the lookout for new ways to improve their skills and security measures.

If you are wondering what the new security risks are or what are the tabs on the latest developments in technology and practice you need to look for, you can read the article ahead, This article has covered the 6 surprising trends in physical security that will help you to keep people and things safe in public settings everywhere.

If your concern is Security for colleges or Security For Utilities Industry, this article is for you!

6 Emerging Trends In Physical Security

If you want to deal with cunning and clever criminals, security is something that you cannot neglect. Learning and adapting new security practices and technology is leading and most necessary to protect your business and valuables.

In addition, there is also a significant need to evaluate your company’s security system; if it is contemporary or flawed, you can replace it with the latest.

To contend with the new threats, below is the list of security trends you can follow for 2022 and beyond.

1.  Biometrics Authentication

The biometric authentication trend is rapidly increasing in digital applications and modern-day tech. There are many forms of biometrics, iris scanning, fingerprint scanning, and facial scanning that are convenient, fast, and spoof-proof.

In addition, many adopting businesses also prefer contact and non-contact scanning. So, You need to reexamine your security system to evaluate whether you need the biometric system or not. If yes, then what kind of biometric system is suitable for you.

2.   Install Surveillance

Although securing the server room with a lock is an excellent initial step, it may be breached or abused by someone with authorized access. You must have a mechanism to track who enters and exits the building.

If the logbook isn’t enough, consider installing a video surveillance camera in an out-of-the-the-way position where it’s hard to tamper with or disable (or even detect).

 Dacha SSI provides security services that can monitor 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using motion sensors or continuous monitoring.

Motion sensors can also be programmed to notify you through email or mobile phone if motion is detected when it isn’t supposed to be ( such as after hours).

3.   Access Control-Security for Schools

Without any doubt, access control is one of the most effective methods for school security. Access to sensitive places like school offices may be granted only to teachers and administrators using this technology, while unauthorized individuals are prevented from entering. For example, the teachers’ lounge entrance could only be opened using a teacher’s ID.

A straightforward approach to achieving this is using a logbook for signing in and out, but it has several problems. It’s conceivable that someone with nefarious motives will just ignore it.

A smart card, token, or biometric scan can be used in place of the logbook by providing visibility into who enters and exits the campus. For example, a school’s security staff can keep track of all visitors by using access control. To guarantee accountability for both kids and instructors, consider establishing swipe cards for faculty or constructing turnstiles in your school’s media library.

If you are eager about the Security For Schools, Security For Colleges, or want to have Campus Security Solutions,Access Control is a key option, indeed.

4.   Monitored Alarm

A monitored alarm system is the definitive, all-encompassing campus security solution.

A sound is emitted when a particular door is breached, leading, or other problems occur. In the case of a natural disaster like a tornado, establish an alarm system that emits a distinct sound when there is a fire.

Students at the campus will spot an emergency and follow the proper process if they learn this technique.

A mass communication system should be linked to the alarm system. Students away from campus may be alerted to an emergency scenario by text message or email.

5.   Cloud-Based Smart Structures

You cannot discuss automation and 2021 physical security trends without mentioning cloud-based solutions’ significance in developing smarter buildings.

Connectivity in the cloud allows you much more flexibility than traditional on-premise choices. It’s simpler to manage multi-site organizations using open API and mobile SDK platforms rather than specialized servers and different dashboards.

Smarter buildings also help scale operations, essential for adjusting to both company and external influences. Deploying new physical security processes across individual locations or large companies is simple with smart buildings and cloud-connected technology.

Plus, enterprises using cloud-connected security technologies may automatically improve security and enhance experiences by ingesting data from disparate systems into business intelligence tools.

6.   Drones for Security

Drones were originally designed for military usage. They can carry advanced cameras, microphones and even be programmed to intercept telecommunication. The Secret Service has used aerial surveillance and perimeter security for quite some time. On the other hand, businesses employ them to monitor public safety and other operations, including land development, site inspection, and precision agriculture.

Despite its various applications, this technology has long remained a niche product, which may soon change. The drone services industry is expected to hit $63 billion by 2025.  This year, they should establish the foundation for this tremendous growth in the drone services sector.

Continuous Audits for Systems

The effectiveness of any system or security control depends on its upkeep. It’s never good to discover that the camera near the back door stopped recording months ago.

Every security control should be inspected frequently to ensure it still works. It’s not always enjoyable, but it’s the first step. Check that the cameras are still recording. Ensure that all previous employee cards have been disabled by reviewing access control records. Is anyone arriving late? Do any fences need repair work? Is that cupboard full of old laptops (the one where defective gear is kept until “someday” it can be sorted through)? If so, are the batteries still good?

Our Summary

The crime ratio is at its peak; high security is integral for every business, employee, and business facility to keep it in control. The security trends are emerging; the old security devices are failed to mitigate the threat and theft; hence, there is a need to replace them with the most advanced security devices.

Furthermore, it is also equally integral to assess every installed device and find whether it is serving your business appropriately or not. For your ease, this article has covered security trends for every business, industry, and educational system; you can upgrade your business accordingly.

If you are still confused and have more queries, contact Dacha SSI. The experienced and professional team of Dacha SSI will facilitate you in auditing your security system and installing the advanced one. So feel free and confident to contact one of the most leading and reliable security companies, Dacha SSI.