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Why Is Security Everyone’s Responsibility?

Monday January 17, 2022

Here is a stereotype that maintaining optimum security is reserved for guards and custodians; it has no concern with employees, managers, or executives. However, in reality, you need everyones’ contribution if you want to protect your business facility and resources against theft, terrorism, vandalism, cyber-attack, sabotage, and other malicious acts.

Many security incidents happen due to ignorance and negligence as people overlook safety threats by thinking that security is not their responsibility. You can overcome security stigma by developing awareness among your staff and making a mission that everyone will step up to safeguard your company and one another.

You can hold a series of discussions and sessions about security, addressing staff’s concerns and explaining why and how everyone’s help can reduce physical safety issues.

To explain further, we will shed light on various factors to show Why Security Is Everyone’s Responsibilityand how you can secure your company as an employee.

Security Is Everyone’s Responsibility: Explore Basic Reasons

Security threats are happening at different levels that one or two people cannot control, but the performance of guards and employees goes hand in hand.

Let’s explore some reasons why everyone should take part in implementing security!

●     Technology Alone Is Not A Solution

Without any doubt, the Next-Gen security technologies are the best to protect the business from security attacks, but sadly these alone are not adequate.

Technology is helpful for the initial blocking of attackers, but in various situations, you need individuals’ help to prevent unlawful entry, theft, forcible occupation, or property damage.

Working individuals and technologies can provide the ultimate protection that a company looks for.

●     Every Individual Is a Potential Target

Most security breaches occur due to employees’ lack of security awareness. If employees don’t care about their identity badges, allow unaccounted entries in the office, or share their confidential data with others, the security risks can increase.

To tighten the security system, every employee should be conscious about their role inside or outside the office—they need to think and analyze before performing any activity or speaking any word.

Tips How Everyone In The Company Can Contribute In Security Maintenance

Often, employees are neither aware of the primary issues that a company or employee can face nor consider security their duty. The reason could be the security issues aren’t on their radar; they don’t think the problem is severe or don’t imagine the disastrous outcomes.

Here we have tips that you can explore to show your guards, staff, and custodians that they all are responsible for increasing the company’s security.

●     Tip 1: Make Issue Reporting Easy

Too often, the major roadblock to stop security threats is employees not reporting security and safety issues at work. Different studies show that victims hesitate to report the incident as they feel insecure. You need to make your reporting process anonymous, readily available, and user-friendly. Work on anonymous reporting as it can reduce security risks.

●     Tip 2: Add Security Responsibilities To Job Description

Adding security to the job description can also help you as nobody would say that “Security isn’t my job.”

Though every employee has a different role to perform, security check and balance is every employee’s duty. Employees need to be confident while informing their executives if they find anything suspicious or wrong inside or outside the office premises.

●     Tip 3: Make The Warning Signs Comprehensive

Don’t take it for granted if anybody shows you a dangerous sign or finds anyone damaging your company’s assets or facilities. Train your staff to notice possible red flags; if the workforce finds the following signs in any employees, they need to notify HR or supervisors.

  • Neglecting to groom
  • Unusual personality or mood change
  • Becoming unsociable
  • Changes in work dedication and performance

These changes can also indicate that an employee is in danger and looking for your help.

●     Tip 4: Onboard New Hires

Make sure that your employees are aware of your security needs and measurements. Whenever you hire your employees, ensure that they have security awareness. Otherwise, train your new hires and involve them in ongoing training programs.

Do you know your employees are also your biggest threat? Read this article to explore how and be conscious while recruiting new staff?

●     Tip 5: Staff Needs To Be Vigilant

In this fast-paced world, technology is evolving rapidly, so, along with investing in defense systems, employees must be more aware of their surroundings. Being vigilant can help employees detect irregularities and report them as fast as possible; thereby, your company and employees can be secured from a significant loss.

●     Tip 6: Work On Security Culture

Politeness is an excellent cultural value, but don’t be polite when someone is threatening your security. Keep your workplace security culture above and beyond everything. Don’t let anybody break your set security roles, such as:

  • Going to a vulnerable area
  • Sharing credentials with others
  • Regularly forgetting or losing identity badges
  • Allowing unknown entries in the office

●     Tip 7: Train Staff To Combat Social Engineering

Develop your staff’s awareness about social engineering threats; attackers have tricks to manipulate the workers, pushing them to commit security mistakes and share sensitive information.

●     Tip 8: Integrated Security System

For smooth security management, security devices are also necessary. Install an integrated security system in your company and share their use and benefits with your staff. Ask them if they find any visible error, they should report to executives immediately. For instance:

  • If the fence is damaged anywhere
  • Any gate or lock is impaired
  • The video camera is not working appropriately
  • Any irrelevant person is entering the control room or any such issue

To develop an accurate, reliable, and high-class integrated security system, you can take the help of Dacha SSI. Dacha is the well-known name of safety, security, and intelligence as their team can install CCTV cameras, intruders, analytics, control rooms, or any other security device you want.

●     Tip 9: Access Control Management

You can also work on car park management, locker management, visitor management, meeting room since it will help you control where an employee or visitor can go through.

This way, employees will know each other’s boundaries and inform you if anybody tries to break the limits.

Dacha SSI has immense experience in establishing Access Control Systems—from a single point to large Enterprise Systems, so your business remains safe and secured from all kinds of breaches.

Our Summary

Your business security is not a one-person or one-device solution; you can only develop an effective security system when every person of your business is involved and owns your system.

You need to train your staff regularly to show them how essential their role is in securing their business. As a company manager or executive, if you need any kind of help, you can take Dacha SSI services.

The experienced team of Dacha SSI can serve you more than your imagination—Dacha SSI can install security devices, help you in maintenance, and audit to assess their performance. Isn’t it what you want?

Dacha SSI cares about your business, employees, and clients’ security! So, go ahead and feel free to contact Dacha SSI – it is time to increase your industrial, healthcare, commercial, education, utilities, and leisures security.