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What Are The Best Security Solutions For Warehouses?

Monday November 6, 2023

Thanks to the rise of the e-commerce industry, there are more companies than ever who need first-class security at their warehouses. Because warehouses often have large amounts of valuable goods, they’re obviously popular targets for thieves.

Nowadays, supply chains often span across continents, with warehouses acting as critical hubs in these networks. That means that a single security breach can have far-reaching consequences.

Dacha SSI Ltd ensures that nothing is overlooked in your security package. 

Many companies now use surveillance cameras indoors and outdoors, enabling them to monitor activities and deter theft or unauthorised access. These cameras are often equipped with motion sensors and night vision capabilities.

It’s also now possible to use sophisticated inventory management systems which track goods using RFID tags or barcodes. This can help you manage your inventory along with identifying any discrepancies or missing items.

Security can not only protect your staff and assets, it can help to keep your building running smoothly.

Warehouses are one of our specialties at Dacha SSI Ltd, with our solutions including:

  • Access management. It can be best to restrict access to sensitive areas within the warehouse through means like key cards, biometric systems or passcodes.
  • CCTV which can recognise people’s faces and vehicle registration plates using digital images from videos and external sources.
  • Analytics to capture threats before they become a problem.

Along with warehouses, we also cover factories and plants across the UK. Based in Hertfordshire, we love working with clients in a range of industrial settings.

Find out more about our warehouse security solutions or contact us today.