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Well-Designed Alarm Systems To Prevent Intruders

Monday December 19, 2022

One of the great things about modern technology is it makes preventing intruders easier than ever. It’s also easy to stay connected even when away from your site.

Dacha SSI Ltd has a team of expert surveyors ready to carry out a thorough assessment of your premises. Whatever your long-term objectives, we can build the most competitive scalable and effective alarm solution design.

Whether you run a school, industrial site or leisure centre, preventing unwanted intruders is essential. You not only want to prevent costly thefts, but vandalism. Not only that, most places have important computer equipment on which private information is stored. 

Stop intruders in their tracks at the perimeter of your site. 

Dacha SSI Ltd offers objective and independent advice for anyone updating their alarm system. Because we are affiliated with one manufacturer, we have a massive choice of alarm and signalling equipment to choose from. 

The best security technology that’s exceptional value to your business.

We provide the types of alarm systems that provide complete peace of mind and protection. You will be able to deter and detect intruders with ease.

Features of our alarm systems can include:

  • instant off-site communications
  • panic alarm function
  • perimeter detection
  • remote outbuilding monitoring
  • specific asset monitoring and much more.

If you’re looking to prevent intruders at your site, contact our friendly team for more details.