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The Latest Burglar Alarm Systems For Commercial Premises

Monday January 30, 2023

According to recent statistics, only 6% of burglaries in the UK are solved. Investing in a decent alarm system and high definition CCTV can make all the difference when it comes to preventing and solving the crime.

All businesses need to protect themselves from theft both internally and externally. Theft by both staff and customers can occur in retail environments in particular. The commercial businesses most likely to be victim to burglars include convenience stores, supermarkets, jewellery shops, and petrol stations.

Most modern businesses also now have expensive computer systems which need safeguarding. Fraud and computer misuse are other top concerns for modern companies. 

You also want a strong security system to prevent assaults and threats to staff. 

Dacha SSI Ltd installs well-designed security alarm systems that prevent and detect intrusion. 

Our experts always deliver the right security technology at the best value to your business. We can also offer objective, independent advice on updating your current system. 

To help you decide on the right alarm system, our expert surveyors will carry out a thorough assessment of your requirements, your premises, and your long-term objectives. This helps us to  build the most competitive scalable and effective alarm solution design. 

If you’re looking for burglar alarms for your commercial building, simply get in touch to get the ball rolling.