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Seeking The Best Control Room Solutions For Your Business?

Monday January 31, 2022

Dacha SSI Ltd provides bespoke control room services for all corporate and industrial premises. Whatever your unique requirements, we do everything possible to protect your staff, property and assets.

We help you to manage resources proactively, ensuring your business is well-protected from every angle. All our operators at our control room are committed to closely monitoring your site, day and night.

Our services include designing and implementing control rooms, with our team having extensive experience in this area. We offer many different options for your business, including a ‘view camera’ action which can be configured whenever you want to check-in.

Dacha SSI Ltd makes the process of introducing control room solutions extremely easy.

We look at the existing site set-up and calculate any risks you might face. Points we also consider include the operator welfare, system redundancy, scalability, and interoperability of systems. Once your new control room solutions are installed, you can easily view alarms, events and live CCTV monitoring.

Control room technologies are one of the many solutions we offer at Dacha SSI Ltd. We work with many of the biggest names in the security industry, always tailoring our services to meet the needs of your business and industry.

Find out more about our control room solutions or don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.