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Reliable Security Companies For Hospitals In The UK

Monday August 8, 2022

Hospitals are some of the most important places in the country. Since they’re extremely busy and high pressure environments, they require the best possible security both inside and out.

Healthcare facilities face not only threats from intruders and violence against staff, but many have experienced a steep rise in cybercrime. You might also be concerned about issues like patient elopements and car thefts, both of which are a concern for most healthcare facilities.

Dacha SSI Ltd is ideal for hospitals looking for competitively priced security companies that cover all your needs.

We work with hospitals and NHS trusts that deal with complex issues, including the protection of staff, patients, expensive equipment and controlled medication at a large number of locations.

Our team also provides exceptional security for car parks which often have large volumes of short-term traffic. When people arrive at a hospital, they’re often stressed and worried about a relative or friend. The last thing they want to worry about is their vehicle being at risk, especially if they’ve paid expensive parking fees.

Our services include CCTV, access control, analytics, alarm systems and a control room. We have experienced engineers who are ready to provide support 24-hours a day. Special maintenance packages we offer can reduce the costs of call-outs and if required provide fully comprehensive service to your systems.

If you’re looking for security companies for hospitals, discover more about Dacha SSI Ltd or contact our team today.