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Multi-Layered Security Systems For Warehouses And Factories

Monday April 24, 2023

The way we run and protect warehouses is changing all the time. New technologies are making it much easier to prevent thefts and run a warehouse more efficiently. 

Thefts are one of the biggest security risks at warehouses, with expensive merchandise, equipment and inventory a prime target for burglars. Unauthorised access will obviously make this problem worse, especially if your warehouse is located in an area with a high crime rate or if it contains hazardous materials.

Losing stock is a costly and distressing experience. Along with having a good insurance policy, it’s vital to ensure your security is up to scratch.

However, vandalism can also be a problem, especially if your site is located in isolated areas or has inadequate lighting. Common issues include graffiti, broken windows which make an environment feel unsafe and unwelcoming for employees.

Sabotage is a serious security concern for warehouses that store hazardous materials or other potentially dangerous goods. It can take many forms, including tampering with equipment, damaging property, or intentionally causing a fire or explosion.

Dacha SSI Ltd regularly fits security systems for companies in the industrial sector. 

Our solutions include access control systems and CCTV, both of which can significantly reduce the risk of theft. We also regularly provide security systems for plants and factories across the UK. Dacha SSI Ltd is happy to provide you with a free site survey.

If you’re seeking high quality warehouse security systems, contact our team for more details.