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Get The Best Commercial Intruder Alarms For Your Site

Monday October 24, 2022

Keeping away unwanted intruders prevents issues like theft, vandalism and threats to staff.

It’s particularly important in places with large amounts of expensive equipment, like the industrial sector. Not only do you want to protect your assets, but safeguard your staff against any unwanted incidents.

Many companies now have computers which contain important information, which also need protection from hackers.

A quality alarm system goes a long way in protecting your site, especially if it has 24-hour monitoring.

Dacha SSI installs intruder alarms for companies in a range of industries, including:

  • The healthcare sector where there’s often challenges in running multiple sites. Working with hospitals and NHS trusts, we can provide alarms for those high-risk areas, along with security for car parks.
  • The industrial sector including factories, warehouses, and plants.
  • The commercial sector with alarm systems for offices and other types of corporate premises. Whatever your particular building or requirements, we have intruder alarms for all situations.
  • Education settings where newer alarm systems are a great way to effortlessly update your security. We work with schools, colleges, and universities all over the UK who need these types of first-class security solutions.
  • Energy and utility companies including those which have sites spread over a large geographical area.
  • The leisure industry including gyms and those in the entertainment sector.

If you need quality alarm systems for intruders, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.