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First Class Security For Colleges, Schools and Universities

Monday November 7, 2022

There are plenty of security issues to contend with at any educational institution, whether it’s a small sixth form college or large university. 

While we don’t usually have to worry about problems like gun control, like in the USA, there’s many other challenges and risks. 

Modern colleges and universities have a great deal of expensive computers and other technology. With school budgets tighter than ever, you want to do everything to prevent thefts on your campus. Graffiti and vandalism are also common issues. Your number one priority is keeping students and teachers safe. 

Educational establishments have communal buildings where large numbers of people flock through daily. Outside, you might have large car parks which are vulnerable to thieves. Those high risk areas benefit from having access control systems installed. 

Dacha SSI Ltd is highly experienced when it comes to installing security systems in educational settings, including colleges and universities. 

We can not only install technology but ensure we deliver proactive maintenance. With our speedy repairs, you’ll never have to worry about any downtime. 

Our services include analytics so that you can get the maximum value from your security. This can help with safeguarding, drive down anti-social behaviour and help you manage car park areas. 

If you’re seeking security solutions for schools, colleges and universities, contact our friendly team today.