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Dacha UK Articles

Experienced Specialists in Security For Schools

Wednesday October 11, 2023

Dacha SSI Ltd works in tandem with school authorities to provide comprehensive security packages. 

Our clients include schools, colleges and universities across the UK including in Hertfordshire where we are based. Previous projects have included designing and installing a video management system (VMS) for a university that had introduced a new building on site. 

We’ve also worked with a college in the Midlands that needed a comprehensive audit of their current security systems. Our team then helped them to develop a new strategy including assisting their IT team in solving long-term problems. 

We appreciate that educational establishments vary in the level of security that is needed. For instance, how large your campus is and where you’re based might affect how much you wish to invest in their area. 

Our experts have extensive experience when it comes to educational security, with our services including:

  • Proactive maintenance so that you’re never left with hours of downtime. Instead, you can get immediate assistance from our expert security team.
  • Access control systems that are ideal for all kinds of situations. 
  • Analytics to help you get more out of your system than security. Analytics is excellent for analysing threats before they have a chance to harm your business. 

Find out more about our security for educational establishments in the UK. Or contact our team for more information.