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Exceptional Theft Control With Our Security Systems For Warehouses

Wednesday November 23, 2022

Have you struggled with internet or external thefts at your warehouse?

There are all sorts of security risks at warehouses. The most common security risks include break-ins; internal and external thefts; vandalism; and issues with staff safety. The need for vigilant security measures is therefore essential. 

Consequently, most warehouses are fitted out with everything from security lights and CCTV, to access control systems and inventory tracking. 

Warehouses also have many health and safety risks. Employees need to be wary of physical strain, moving machinery, falling objects and other hazards. Whatever the size of your industrial site, Dacha SSI Ltd will ensure you have the high levels of security you need. We understand the unique challenges that warehouse workers face.

With our security systems, you’ll have superior theft control and loss protection.

We not only support warehouses but other industrial sites, including:

  • transport depots
  • workshops
  • production sites and buildings.

Dacha SSI Ltd ensures you benefit from the latest technology. From the tracking of packages to facial and Registration Plate recognition, through to real-time security notifications, we deliver full security protection for your business.

We can also offer analytical solutions to pick up any unusual activity. This is a great way to capture threats before they occur.

Find out more about our security systems for warehouses. Or drop us a line for more details.