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Enjoy An Immediate Response With Our Control Room Solutions

Monday October 2, 2023

Want a centralised monitoring system for your security?

With our control room solutions, you can monitor and manage various security systems and devices including:

This will make the process much more efficient and provide real-time monitoring of security events and incidents. Choose Dacha SSI and you’ll always have a rapid response to any threats of emergencies. We can install the most innovative technology to connect to our control room.

Stay in the loop at all times. 

When an alarm is triggered our control room team can initiate immediate response protocols, whether it’s dispatching security personnel or contacting the police. We can also use your control room solutions to gather information in a single interface. This will help you to make better, more well-informed decisions.

By using multiple camera feeds, your security teams can much more easily detect and respond to any threats. Some control room solutions can automate particular tasks, like locking and unlocking doors at specific times. This means you’ll always know if any unusual activities occur.

With our control room solutions, you can record and archive video footage, access logs, and other security-related data. These records are helpful during investigations, compliance, and auditing purposes.

If you’re looking for a team that offers first-class security, find out more about Dacha SSI Ltd or contact us for more information.