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Contact Us For First-Class Warehouse Security Systems

Monday March 21, 2022

Warehouses have huge amounts of stock, equipment and staff, meaning they need exceptional security.

Our team will install the most advanced systems to ensure that your warehouse is protected day and night. We can also ensure that the tracking of packages from your warehouse is as efficient as possible.

Dacha SSI Ltd can help you prevent common problems like theft and loss from not only warehouses but transport depots, workshops and production sites. Our solutions include CCTV, access control systems and 24-hour remote monitoring services.

Whether you’re after registration plate recognition or real-time security notifications, Dacha SSI Ltd can provide full security protection for your business.

With the use of analytics, we can pick up adverse activity and capture threats before they become a problem. This includes activation alert notifications when something crosses into a boundary or area for further security and perimeter protection.

If you want to see what we can achieve, you might want to read our case study on an advanced supply chain. As you’ll see, we introduced security solutions for a warehouse the size of six football pitches. Our team not only improved the security of the site but helped to reduce the running costs.

We’re always happy to offer a free site survey to companies across the UK.

If you need warehouse security systems, why not get in touch with our team for more information.