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Add An Extra Layer Of Protection With An Anti-Tailgating System

Monday January 15, 2024

Dacha SSI can offer many forms of security with which to protect your business, including what’s known as an anti-tailgating system. 

Put simply, this is a security measure designed to prevent unauthorised individuals from following closely behind an authorised person through a secure entry point. It’s particularly important in office buildings, data centres, government facilities, and other places where controlled access is vital.

Here are some reasons to have one of our anti-tailgating system installed:

  • Enjoy exceptional physical security. Unauthorised individuals attempting to gain access to secure areas can pose a significant threat. An anti-tailgating system helps ensure that only authorised personnel can enter restricted zones.
  • Protect your sensitive data.  An anti-tailgating system adds an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorised individuals from gaining access to areas where they could compromise data integrity or steal valuable assets.
  • Keep your employees safe. In certain situations, allowing unauthorised individuals into secure areas can compromise the safety of employees. Dacha SSI can install measures that help maintain a controlled and secure environment, reducing the risk of internal threats.
  • Lower your insurance premium. Implementing robust security measures, including anti-tailgating systems, can often have positive implications for insurance coverage and liability concerns.

Much of our technology can be customised to fit your particular needs. For instance, an anti-tailgating system can integrate with other security systems, such as video surveillance, access control, and alarm systems. This can help you enjoy a comprehensive security infrastructure.

As with CCTV systems, the presence of an anti-tailgating system can act as a deterrent. Knowing that there are measures in place to prevent unauthorised access may discourage individuals from attempting to gain entry without proper authorisation.

For more information on any of our security solutions, simply get in touch today.