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Warehouse Security Solutions

Tuesday September 27, 2022

Warehouse Security Solutions: Everything That You Need To Know

For any warehouse, security is essential because robbing warehouses seems to be a low-risk and high-reward activity. Industrial warehouses are prone to alarming security challenges because of the massive amount of people entering and exiting over there, which increases the risk of losses, damages, and supply chain disruptions.

Robbers target storage facilities and warehouses because they are stocked with valuable items and often lack the appropriate security to safeguard their stock.

In 2020, supply chain risk events increased by 16%; thus, the right warehouse security system can ensure safer and more efficient settings for the safety of people and inventory.

This blog post has onboarded seven Warehouse Security Solutions to improve warehouse security. So, explore the following checklist and identify how you can take your warehouse security to the next level.

Six Warehouse Security Solutions For Burglary Prevention

A warehouse house holds numerous potential hazards and various OSHA standards that help to regulate warehouse operations. Since roller conveyors, operating forklifts, materials handling, and common employee injuries are anticipated in the warehouse; there is a need to keep a strict eye on what is happening inside the warehouse.

The state-of-art technology and the selection of reliable security maintenance companies can deny access to irrelevant entries in real-time and save you time granting. A premier security system keeps out unauthorised intruders, prevents stock theft, streamlines warehouse communication, and enforces workplace safety.

Here is the security checklist for you!

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras increase the visibility of the warehouses and industries as it becomes easier to monitor the activities happening inside, outside, and around the facilities.

Benefits Of Installing Security Cameras

  • Incorporating security cameras at the ingress and egress spots offers a complete visual of the products and personnel inside the warehouse. This keen eye on warehouse activities improves employee safety, warehouse resources, and facilities.
  • Advanced and well-featured security cameras alert employers on safety issues and unsafe practices that help to accord an accurate report on any incident.
  • Thanks to the Cloud-managed video systems that help employers get the advantage of unlimited storage, the employer can retain every little detailed video log in Cloud for enhanced compliance. So, when selecting warehouse security cameras, the user is supposed to look for options that offer automatic archiving, real-time recording, and high video quality – the real purpose of installing them.
  • An integrated security camera system helps the manager access real-time and recorded video of every activity without jumping from platforms and providers.
  • The warehouse manager can pair the surveillance with access control and video intercom that helps to identify door entries on one platform. Installing an intercom system increases communication, lets managers manage dispatch shipments, and deliveries and unlock doors with one button tap. The integration of devices improves the security system’s performance and prevents the warehouse from security breaches.

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●     Go For Remote Management

For companies with multiple warehouses, remote management is an intelligent way that helps centralised security management on one easily accessible interface.

Remote management is not only for the one who runs multiple warehouses at different locations; this impressive management can also be incorporated into one warehouse.

The Cloud-based security system monitors the security remotely and allows admins and managers to access the activities in real-time without being physically available on-site.

●     Activate Alerts And Notifications

If a warehouse owner wants to take a perk of integrated systems and remote management, he is suggested to go for customised notifications and alerts. The customised alert for every door and gate sends the notification to the concerned person, and the right action can be taken in an accurate time – quickly and efficiently.

●     Integrate Inventory Management Systems

The integrated security system is a step beyond the commercial security system – barcode scanners and RFID eliminates manual data logging and minimises human error in inventory tracking.

The manager can also ask to connect the inventory management system to video surveillance and access control – this integration opens gateways of powerful automation across the entire security operation.

●     Anticipate Emergency Plans

Proactive security approaches and proper planning make it easier to deal with warehouse emergencies and reduce the impact of a crisis.

Warehouse security should feature lockdown capabilities because, in an emergency, warehouse managers are supposed to lock down the facility for safety and loss prevention. An authorised person can trigger a lockdown plan through the remote access system from anywhere.

Similarly, when an alarm system is connected with video surveillance, the manager can view actual time footage, and the access control system can send an alert to notify first responders – the security increases.

●     Audit Security Regularly

If you have recently installed a security system, it doesn’t mean it is completely secured, protected, and on the right track.

Even very often, a well-invested modern technology also demands regular audits and updates because situations change quickly; eventually, periodic security audits help to prevent severe problems before they arise.

Through a security audit checklist, the warehouse security system integrator can assess whether or not the installed security devices are in working order. You can find The Importance Of Conducting Regular Risk Assessments by tapping this link.

These security solutions are worth every penny and secure the companies in the case of a break-in or other emergency when every minute counts. So feel confident to incorporate the devices and outsource distribution and fulfilment to a reliable partner.

Dacha SSI Can Be Your Exceptional Security Partner

Dacha SSI is a trusted security partner that helps maintain the warehouse’s high security. The Dacha SSI team leverages decades of experience and years of training to design, customise, install, and integrate comprehensive security systems for warehouses.

Our avid-grade security systems are tailored to the site – dispatch warehouses, depots, factories, manufacturing plants, storehouses, loading docks, distribution centres, industrial storage spaces, aeroplane hangars, and more. Our team manages security at your workplace to protect the inventory, property, and employees, so your staff can focus on business prosperity.

Have you got any questions about the warehouse security system? Contact the Dacha SSI team and learn more about customised security solutions for vulnerable areas of your warehouse. We offer 24/7 services to our customers!