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Top 7 Essentials of a Business Alarm System

Thursday June 3, 2021

An alarm system is crucial for the safety of your business and employees. No matter the type of your business, all businesses require a reliable security system. This protects your business from any possible crimes and hazards, allowing it to flourish in a safe environment.

Now, the question is, what kind of alarm system does your business require? Well! That depends on your business size and type. However, there are some essential features that every security system should possess, regardless of the type. Let’s take a look at them.

If your business’s security system does not have any of the features below, you may want to reconsider it!

Alarm Monitoring

The performance of your alarm system ultimately depends on the monitoring team in the security room. You may have installed the latest alarm system on your property. But if there is no responsible person behind the system, responding to those alerts and sensors, it’s of no use.

If you or your appointed security guard can monitor the video footages 24/7, well and good! If not, your best option is to hire a monitoring company to do the job for you! Monitoring companies are professionals that have your back 24/7.


Whether you have installed a CCTV, access control, or burglar alarm system, ensure that these systems have some kind of sensor detection features. These features enhance the overall performance of any security system.

They can send off an alert or notify you in cases of any suspicious activities. This allows you to take precautionary measures and prevent the occurrence of any possible crimes.

Different security systems come with various sensors and alarms. Some of the basic features you should look for include:

  • Glass-break sensors
  • Acoustic sensors
  • Unauthorized entry alert
  • Motion detection
  • Window or door contact sensors

CCTV system

No security system is complete without the inclusion of security cameras and monitors. Hence, this should be a feature almost all businesses already own. 24/7 surveillance is essential in any business security system.

Furthermore, you can enhance the effectiveness of your security system through smart placements of the cameras. While hidden cameras can easily capture any crime scene without the criminal’s awareness, visible cameras can deter potential criminals and prevent crimes in the first place.

Access Control

An access control system is a crucial element of every business security system. These systems allow and restrict the entry of authorized and unauthorized individuals. Hence, they prevent possible crimes at the entry-level.


Even the best security systems may fail at times. In such situations, your business security system should have a fail-secure or fail-safe feature. The fail-safe feature will open all exit points automatically. This is the best option for office floors with high-traffic.

Fail Secure

Fail secure feature is a safer option than fail-safe. In case your security system fails, the fail-secure feature will automatically shut down everything, thereby protecting all your assets.

Don’t worry about getting out of the workplace, as you can easily do that if there is a manual crash bar on your locked doors.

Power Backup

In the unfortunate event of a power outage, your entire security system could shut down. Or, potential criminals may cut the power source and take advantage of the situation.

This is why it is vital that you invest in a decent power backup system that will ensure the smooth operation of your security system in unfavourable times.