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Monday August 8, 2022

Tailgating: How It Can Be Controlled?

Far often, the buildings we use regularly are not as secure as we usually think, mainly if those buildings are made in the traditional style. These days even smart buildings are prone to threat because modern facilities skip various essential prerequisites for security.

The primary among these is an uncontrolled and unauthorised entry – tailgating!

The companies and houses do not work on controlling the building access. Hence, due to this unauthorised entry, the chances of physical breach increase; eventually, the risk of harming business data, facilities, staff, and clients are also raised.

The most feasible way of dealing with this tailgating is social engineering: some gates, turnstiles, and portals which doesn’t let any unknown person enter the building and disrupt the security.

Let’s figure out how to mitigate the piggybacking and how Dacha SSI can cover you up!

Why Tailgating Is An Adverse Security Issue?

Tailgating is a typical and innocent security violation as it is a way of a breach where one employee opens the gate and lets other employees and visitors enter the building, even those without badges and uniforms. The issue with these careless situations and common courtesy is that your building structure gets opened for unauthorised and undocumented entry even by the one who has intended to damage your employees and property.

Do you know? People who often tailgate are former employees, vandals, thieves, and mischief-makers, and these can create potential damage and lead to further safety issues. Tailgating can expose companies to threats like loss of goods, revenue, reputation, and increasing physical danger. The risk of tailgating is higher in high-traffic settings like companies, residential complexes, extensive facilities, etc.

Tailgating is a major cause of stress, automobile accidents, and crimes. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over 32 per cent of all motor vehicle crashes were due to tailgating in 2019.

Hence, there is nothing wrong with saying that tailgating is one of the top security threats for companies.

 If you want to explore more about tailgating, read Why Employees Are Your Biggest Security Threat!

How Can You Reduce Tailgating: A Checklist

Tailgating can be reduced by educating employees to identify and resist social engineering endeavours is the most compelling way to prevent tailgating.

However, a wide range of options can protect your site from tailgating; Dacha SSI, a top security developing company, offers and instals every possible anti-tailgating to secure your site. Some of those methods are:

  • Biometrics
  • Staff education
  • Security guards
  • Multi factor authentication
  • Mantraps
  • Photosensors
  • Laser sensors
  • Turnstiles
  • Confirming that doors close securely and swiftly.
  • Instructing staff to present Photo ID presented at the entrance.
  • Video surveillance, for sure.
  • Smart cards lodging multiple credentials are the steps that can limit entry to a single person and reduce tailgating issues.

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Note: Dacha SSI helps you locate the right site where you need to install these devices; moreover, the company gets you to buy the most advanced trappers so the thief cannot skip in any way. The Dacha SSI’s installed security devices are incredible, long-lasting, and reliable in quality and performance!

Below is a detail of some solutions that can cater to tailgating!

Controlling Access Through Revolving Doors or Portal Site

If you are looking for a cost-effective anti-tailgating way, a simple security portal or revolving door can facilitate you in the highest level of security detection. These security sites ensure that only one person is passing through the door.

Security portals and doors operate 24/7 and ensure a high level of tailgating detection by resisting a forced attack and bullet-resistant glazing.

Similarly, installing turnstiles at bustling facilities can control the visitors’ entrance and only allow those with credentials. Depending on the need, the turnstile can be operated with or without security assistance or the front desk.

Visitor Credentials

Another valuable way to mitigate tailgating is working on visitors’ identifications and credentials. This identification includes badge verification and ensuring whether the one carrying it in the building is an authorised person or not.

This rule is implemented for all permanent staff, visitors, and temporary workers.

Visitor badges are universal and inexpensive, but they can still help you control unauthorised access and maintain security. Other tools such as biometric credentials or a QR code generated from a mobile app can help prevent the tailgating risk.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is an excellent step for ensuring the safety of the building. Integration of video surveillance with the susceptible building spots can control unknown visitors’ access.

One of the best places to install video surveillance is the main entrance which helps you deter criminals and provide records to the law enforcement authorities for determining the tailgaters in case of a crime.

With the technological refinements in biometrics, some modern video security systems can even distinguish between people passing in the foreground and tailgaters.

Installing security devices at places with a high footfall can better help you manage people flow.

Repeating- while installing these devices, Dacha SSI particularly tests the quality and durability of devices!

How Dacha SSI Is The Right Solution To Cater Tailgating?

The Dacha SSI goes many steps ahead to mitigate tailgating; some more solutions that Dacha SSI follows to address tailgating are:

  • Dacha SSI instals every possible device at your workplace to detect unauthorised entrances in real-time.
  • The company trains how to keep an eye on an access control process to find the one trying to sneak through. It is guided to compare the density of swiped badges/cards and the issued ones; any increase in the decreased ratio is a suspicious activity.
  • Dacha SSI offers a solution to show the real-time occupancy of every room, as this procedure enables an efficient emergency response.
  • The Dacha SSI team identifies where the most incidents occur by tracking the number of tailgating incidents at every gate. The calculated data is discussed with the staff, and the Dacha SSI team guides the staff on how to reduce unauthorised access.
  • Anonymously counting the person entering and leaving the building can also help manage the security risk.
  • The team of Dacha SSI provides unparalleled accuracy features by algorithms based on machine learning and can catch human activity while overlooking other objects.

So Contact Dacha SSI!

Contacting Dacha SSI for developing security (installing, replacing, upgrading, assessing) solutions is literally a trustworthy option. The experienced staff serves you with state-of-art devices at a cost-effective price; moreover, the first site visit is offered free! So contact Dacha SSI by tapping on this link!