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Perimeter Fencing Solutions

Monday May 2, 2022

Perimeter Fencing Solutions

In order to protect your facility, staff, or clients, you need to come up with a foolproof and future-proof security system, like perimeter fencing, that is more innovative and smarter than the people who want to break into your home or business.

There are so many physical security options to protect your entrances, and perimeter fencing is one of them. Dacha SSI‘s perimeter fence options are attractive, secure, and incredibly durable. Our vast selection of perimeter fence systems can help you discover the appropriate solution for your school, factory, commercial property, and more!

Do you know about the perimeter fencing system? What are the advantages of this, and how does it work?

You may learn more about the system’s features and benefits by reading this article.

What Is Perimeter Fencing, And How Does It Differ From Regular Fencing?

To keep people out of a particular area, a security perimeter fence is a wall that surrounds the property. Secure entry points and exit gates are necessary for a perimeter fence. Keeping them minimal can help you keep tabs on your site’s visitors. On the other hand, more extensive facilities may necessitate the installation of extra security gates and barriers to prevent site jams.

Separate Entrance

Separate entrances for cars and people are needed to guarantee that they are maintained secure and eliminate openings that are not needed. Locks must be installed on all of the doors to keep intruders out.

We Provide Perimeter Fencing Solutions

In Dacha SSI, security fences are often constructed with horizontal and vertical metal bars joined at the top and bottom bars. We can design, produce, and install several types of fences for our clients.

Benefits For Sectors From Perimeter Fence Systems

Dacha SSI prides itself on providing a unique service, specialising in steel and composite fences, to customers in the perimeter security sector. We provide a wide choice of fences, gates, and street furniture products suitable for various sectors in the United Kingdom.

Our in-house staff of designers, technical consultants, estimators, and fabricators are ready to help you in any way possible, whether you need a standard or bespoke product.

Benefits Of Perimeter Fencing

The following are the benefits of perimeter security:

  • Protects against some would-be intruders.
  • Some trespassers will be unable to enter because of this.
  • Detects and blocks determined intruders from entering the location or removing property.
  • Intruders can be tracked down with the help of this device.

Perform Risk Assessment

Before deciding on what security measures to implement, it is essential to do a risk assessment to determine the possible implications of a security breach. The risk assessment will differ significantly if the goal is to prevent high-value commodities from being stolen, prisoner escapes, or terrorists from obtaining access to a military post.

A security assessment should consider whether the target is persons or property, the possibility of a breach of security, the frequency of attempted breaches, and the possible repercussions of a breach.

Risk Assessment After Installation

The risks should be re-evaluated once the perimeter protection measures have been selected to check an acceptable level has been obtained of the hazards.

If this is the case, either the intended security measures must be amended, or additional measures can be considered too, such as access control, video monitoring or CCTV, may be required, and Dacha SSI also has these alternatives.

Avoiding Security Mistakes

Avoid the most typical mistakes when implementing any security measures. It’s not uncommon for fences to be designed so that cars can easily be parked alongside them to give an easy passage over the barrier, as well as other materials such as wheeled trash bins and pallets that can be moved to help climbers.

Regular inspections are essential to check for any possible issues. Experts at Dacha SSI can ensure to prevent your sites from these mistakes, and if something happens, then remedial action will be immediately be made by our team.

Perimeter-based Intrusion Detection and Response Systems

It is possible to detect an intruder attempting to climb, cut, or force open a gap in a fence with various perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) that use various sensor technologies to provide automatic real-time security monitoring.

It is possible to have a system like Dacha SSI that is very dependable, with a low rate of false alarms, and requires essentially minimal maintenance.

Surveillance cameras and a fence intrusion system complement each other, not replace each other. PIDS can detect a security breach early on, whereas cameras can give a real-time assessment of the situation.

There are several security solutions at Dacha SSI that fence intrusion detection systems can be used.

CCTV Survillence

Countless organisations have relied on Dacha SSI for custom-designed CCTV systems. We’ve created and implemented a wide range of CCTV systems, from the simplest retail store to the most complex business park.

Lighting For Security

Both permanent and sensor-activated security lights can help prevent and arrest potential attackers. For various forms of CCTV, illumination is required, and the best results are achieved with a mesh-type fence that allows for a clear view.

Intruder Alarm System

Detecting and repelling intruders is one of the essential functions of a well-designed and implemented security alarm system. Our security professionals are committed to providing you with the most significant technology at the best price.

Access Control System

If you don’t control who and where people can enter and exit your property, you may be breaking the Data Protection Act. From small stand-alone systems to small distributed systems that are all controlled from a central location, our team at Dacha SSI has the knowledge and expertise to get the job done.

Proper Fencing Is Important

An effective fence is only as strong as its installation. Deterrence and security are both compromised when fencing is improperly built. In addition, poorly installed fencing is more likely to require repairs and maintenance sooner than otherwise.

Feel Free To Contact Us

When it comes to security systems and devices for your home or business, the experts at Dacha SSI are here to help you. We carry your weight from beginning to end, taking care of you entirely at each stage. As a result, you can count on us to handle any security equipment installation, including perimeter fencing solutions.

So what are you still waiting for? Please take up your phone and give us a call so you can stop worrying about your security!