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Dacha UK

Milestone XProtect VMS

Thursday February 2, 2023

Milestone Systems’ XProtect software is a powerful Video Management System (VMS) designed to manage Wisenet CCTV cameras. It provides users with reliable and secure surveillance solutions, such as remote access control via the Wisenet mobile app, support for multi-site systems, and advanced video analytics tools that enable cost-effective operations through automated processes. Wisenet Analytics also offers a range of intelligent algorithms that can detect potential incidents or suspicious activities for proactive security responses. The system is highly scalable and compatible with Wisenet IP products, enabling customers to easily expand their CCTV setup over time. With features like these, XProtect VMS provides an effective way to monitor property from any location.

In addition, XProtect VMS offers users a range of tools to improve their security and safety. The Video Analytics feature enables the system to detect and analyze objects in the CCTV footage. This can be used to create notifications when certain events occur such as abandoned or removed items, suspicious behavior, or trespassing. Moreover, it allows customers to track people or vehicles by automatically identifying them on the camera. Video Analytics is an effective way of avoiding false alarms while keeping an eye on properties even when there’s no one present.

By combining powerful Video Management Software with advanced Video Analytics features, Milestone Systems’ XProtect VMS provides an efficient surveillance solution for businesses seeking reliable protection from potential threats. With this system, customers can easily monitor their CCTV camera footage and have peace of mind knowing that their property is safe.