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Matterport Pro 2 Camera

Tuesday February 28, 2023

Matterport Pro 2 Camera: An All-In-One Option

Unlike other hefty, bulky, and ordinary cameras, Matterport Pro 2 is a premium quality, highly efficient, lightweight, and affordable camera that completely transforms the buildings’ view. It is advantageous for taking 3D scans of hotels, construction sites, engineering firms, and homes; additionally, it is also wonderful for capturing high-resolution images.

So what are you waiting for? Get up, and experience the wonders of the Matterport Pro 2 camera, digitize commercial and residential buildings, and upload 3D scans and alluring images on the website and social media platforms to attract clients and grow your business faster.

To explore this super-efficient Pro 2 Camera, read this blog post thoroughly from top to bottom, and show the digital face of your business to the world!

Why Do We Need Matterport Pro 2 Camera?

Matterport Pro 2 is a game-changer camera that offers scanning at a faster speed and in great quality. This multi-featured camera is used for 3D capture of industrial buildings, real estate, and construction sites. The premium quality, accuracy, and high resolution make it easy for people to see the 3D visuals of their buildings.

Pro 2 is a first choice for indoor spaces such as retail stores, homes, event spaces, hotels, and giant commercial buildings. People can use this advanced camera to create accurate digital twins of their properties to do better marketing; on the other hand, it is equally beneficial for operation managers; they can arrange a virtual inspection of the place, which afterward helps them to design better floor plans.

It is highly advantageous for construction and insurance managers for daily site inspections and timely documentation. It is indeed an affordable and classic way of boosting businesses. With this modern capturing solution, scrutinize your assets faster and without disturbance.

Matterport Pro 2 Noticeable Specifications

Matterport Pro 2 is not an ordinary camera; it is a full powerhouse; let’s check some important specifications of it!

●    Resolution

Pro 2 is awesome for scanning any homes, apartments, hotels, and commercial buildings efficiently because of 134 megapixels professional photo resolution, with 3D accuracy. With almost 4.5m (15 feet range), you can imagine how accurately it captures and scans the place. The 3D scanner has 99% accuracy, which is why its details mesmerize everyone and help boost business in no time.

●    4K Photography

It provides not only top-quality 3D scans but also exceptional for giving users 4k images. With

a 4k full glass lens and 134.2 MP output pano pixels, users can capture unique and real-like pictures for social media sites, brochures, and more. People can export images up to 8092px x 4552px; furthermore, the white balancing adjusts the colors with the colors of the light source and shows white objects in full white. You can also enjoy a 360° (left-right) x 300° (vertical) field of view of the place.

●    Ease of Use

Matterport Pro 2 camera is easy to use for newbies, too, just set the tripod to at least five feet high so it will scan the place properly, then attach the quick-release clamp. Slide the camera into the clamp, and ensure that it is securely attached to the tripod; wait for the Wi-Fi light to blink on the camera. Now connect the Pro 2 to the device, tap on settings, then on Wi-Fi, and choose the camera network. Open the Matterport app to check that the camera and devices are connected. Tap the + button to start a new scan; the camera will scan the property by spinning it to 360 degrees.

●    Battery

This robust and market-leading camera is built to work for the whole day. Now scan giant buildings in less time due to its 8 hours of battery life. The lithium-ion battery takes 4.5 hours to reach 100% level and is ready to scan your various properties.

●    Works with Matterport App

With the 5 GHz WiFi 802.11 n/ac, your Matterport Pro 2 camera can capture and transfer scans and images to various Android and iOS devices via Matterport App.

●    Construction

This black-colored Pro 2 camera is a product of the USA and weighs just 3.4 kg (7.5 lbs), meaning men and women can carry it easily anywhere. It is advised to store it in the robust black plastic enclosure. This camera is 9 inches in height, 10.25 inches wide, and 4.38 inches in depth (230 x 260 x 110 mm).

In short, Matterport Pro 2 professional-grade camera produces print-quality pictures, high-quality digital images, a full-color interactive 3D floor plan, an immersive 3D/VR experience, and more. Above all, it is easy to use, and you don’t need any prior training.

How Much Time Does Pro 2 Camera Need For Scanning Any Building?

Although its capture time per scan is 20 seconds with 99% accuracy, the time for scanning any building may vary due to other factors, such as the property complexity and how the user uses the 3D space. Both factors decide how much time the camera takes to complete the scan.

For example, places having heavily occluded objects (objects which lie closely and sometimes even merge), such as plumbing, mechanical and electrical rooms, need deep scanning to assemble a lot of 3D data. Contrary to this, newly constructed or empty commercial buildings need less time for scanning.

General Information

  • Matterport Pro 2 takes a maximum of 30 seconds to scan.
  • It takes just 20 seconds for camera rotation and scanning
  • It takes 5 seconds to transfer data from the camera to devices with the Capture app.
  • This camera requires just 5 seconds to align to previous scans.
  • Most residential buildings or homes (2000 ft2 or 185 m2) need nearly 50 to 75 scans, which means in 25 to 38 minutes, you will get the whole scan of the area (excluding the time the user takes to set the camera and site preparation).

Our Summary

Matterport Pro 2 Camera is ready to fulfill the high-quality capture needs of various businesses across the globe. This industry-leading camera provides professional-grade 3D scans and stunning images of buildings to clients across the globe. So if you are the one who is still using traditional ways of promoting businesses, take one step forward, and redesign your business ways using this Pro 2 Camera. It is the right time to make a one-time investment and enjoy the rest of your life.

Maintaining the security of every corner of your premises is challenging, so if security is your biggest concern, contact DACHA SSI team; we can offer you a free site visit and make a Virtual Tour of your place and other properties of clients (you want to sell in future) using Matterport advanced Pro 2 Camera. You can save the video and view it from any of your devices. If you want more, you can hire us to incorporate any security solution and see the live feed on a tab or smartphone.