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Guide On Alarm Systems For Businesses

Monday May 17, 2021

The safety of a business is the top-most priority of any businessman. That includes the safety of your employees, physical assets, data, information, and everything that falls within your business premises.

Installation of commercial alarm systems throughout your property can take the burden of security concern off your shoulders. With a full-fledged alarm system in and around your facility, you can rest assured that your business is safe and secured 24/7.

Of course, installing an alarm system does not make your business immune to threats and crimes. But it is indeed a proactive measure that can go a long way in preventing any possible crimes and deter potential criminals.

So, now the main question is:

Does your business need an alarm system?

If you’re looking for a short answer to the above question, it’s a big fat, YES! Whether you own a small or large enterprise, every business requires a reliable security or alarm system.

Regardless of the business type, every business has assets, customer inventory, and finances. These factors can attract criminals to loot your business and gain from illegal activities.

Not just that, but you need to take care of the safety of your employees too. On the other side, businesses with employees are also at risk of employee fraud and theft. Yes, employee theft is a matter of concern. Hence, all companies require a security system not only for the safety of their employees but also to keep them in check.

Now, that you know how important an alarm system is for any business to remain secure and flourish, let’s look into some of the most popular types of alarm systems that you can install on your property.

Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems are one of the most common types of alarm systems for your business as well as residential properties, such as CCTV security systems. The system uses cameras, audio recorders and digital video recorders to monitor an area. Further on, they transfer the visual footages to a set of monitors (usually kept in the security room).

Video surveillance systems include three categories of cameras:

  • Bullet cameras (attached to the roof or wall)
  • Dome cameras (mounted on ceilings for a wider view)
  • Hidden cameras (concealed as common objects to monitor premises in secret)

Theft and Burglary Systems

As the name suggests, this alarm system can protect your business from common crimes like stealing, burglary, vandalism, etc. Theft and burglary system uses a wide range of tools to detect unauthorised entry and any suspicious behaviour.

It comes with different sensors such as motion detection, acoustic sensors, window and door contact sensors, glass-break sensors, etc. All these features can alert the on-site security team to take necessary actions and prevent the crime.

Electronic Access Control System

Access control systems keep tabs on who can enter and exit your business premises.

Not all business spaces should be accessible to all employees. Hence, this system gives you the ultimate control over the entry of individuals to specific areas. It can prove beneficial in protecting sensitive areas and at-risk zones within the business firm.

Computer Security System

This type of alarm system protects your software data, business information, stocks, customer information, and other sensitive information. A computer security system can help protect your business from viruses and hackers.