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Dacha UK


Thursday February 2, 2023

GANTNER Electronic GmbH is a leading access control provider in Europe and has been providing access control solutions for over 30 years. The company is an enterprise-grade access control system that can be connected to any door, gate or barrier. Dacha provides real time access monitoring, high security authentication methods and expanded user rights.

GANTNER’s access control systems offer a variety of features including biometric authentication such as fingerprint scanning and RFID card recognition; integration with other access devices like turnstiles and alarm systems; access scheduling options for different access levels; automatic locking of doors when alarms are triggered; as well as remote access via mobile apps.

GANTNER access control solutions are designed to be user friendly, secure and reliable. They provide a comprehensive access management system that is easily tailored to meet the needs of any business or organization. The company also provides technical support and training services to ensure that their access control systems are used correctly and securely. With GANTNER, organizations can be confident in the security of their access control system.

From large corporations to small businesses, GANTNER’s access control solutions offer a wide range of access management options for any type of organization. Whether it’s securing property with an electronic access system or controlling employee movement with time-based access schedules, GANTNER’s access control systems have been trusted by millions of customers around the world.

GANTNER access control solutions are the perfect choice for any organization looking to securely manage access to their premises, assets and personnel. With GANTNER, you can trust that your access control system is secure, reliable and user friendly. For over 30 years, GANTNER has been providing access control solutions tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. With GANTNER access control, you get a solution designed with security in mind.

For more information on GANTNER Access Control Solutions or Dacha access management system please visit our website, or contact us directly for further assistance. You can count on GANTNER for all your access control needs! We look forward to hearing from you.