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Education Security Solutions

Tuesday September 6, 2022

Education Security Solutions: Top Five Strategies For 2022

Unfortunately, these days, every place is on the verge of security risk, whether home, educational establishment, or workplace.

According to a statistic, around 87% of educational institutions have experienced a cyberattack at least once, and probably the same ratio is for physical attacks.

An educational facility caters to countless responsibilities to mitigate the crime risk and ensure the students’ physical safety and wellbeing; above this, the security of their confidential information and crucial data is even more important.

It is challenging to maintain security, but thanks to technology that provides adequate security for educational institutions, CCTV cameras and other safety solutions offer a safe and protected environment for students, faculty, and visitors to visit, study, work, and serve.

So instead of thinking about worst-case scenarios, owners can implement appropriate infrastructure planning and monitoring to make campuses safe for students, teachers, and parents to rely on.

Are you wondering what those education security solutions are? Walk through this article to decipher five essential tips to develop a safe learning environment in schools.

Five Best Bespoke Education Security Solutions

An educational institute occupies vast areas featuring learning facilities and valuable assets like lab equipment, residential areas, computers, libraries, meeting rooms, cafes, sports grounds, and parking lot areas – these all spaces require appropriate security.

Since schools constantly navigate many traditional and new challenges, managing these vast areas is daunting, and unplanned situations miss threat detection. So it is essential to deploy fundamental and AI-powered solutions on campus to monitor the site 24/7.

Every insecure campus is prone to assaults, vandalism, burglaries, and bullying risk unless avant technologies are employed to improve the significance of the security system on campus.

By the use of robust and innovative security strategies and technologies, security gaps can be reduced.

1. Conduct A Security Audit Of The School Property

An efficient security plant begins with a detailed acknowledgment of where vulnerabilities are located on your school campus. If you are deciding to update your existing security system or are willing to leverage a new comprehensive security system, take a step back and:

  • Analyse potential threats – outsider access, environmental hazards, health risks, and weather-related incidents.
  • Identify existing technology, policies, and systems.
  • Access the building layout and flag vulnerabilities.
  • Determine the access areas for employees, visitors, and students.
  • Document local health ordinances, fire codes, and building legislation that your company should comply with.

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2. Install Security Equipment To Improve Monitoring

Almost every educational establishment implements preventive and responsive measures to uphold school safety and discipline. Heavy-duty door locks, fences, video surveillance cameras, gates, and access control systems are mainstays of physical security.

Since these are primary physical security barriers that often leave loopholes; thus, an owner must look for some other smart techniques to maintain educational security.

You can use the audit (performed at the first stage) as a starting point and integrate technologies to safeguard your students, school, and faculty. The security tools that you can deploy include:

  • Access control technology to restrict entries at vulnerable spots.
  • Video surveillance cameras at different parts of the institute monitor physical activities and detect threats.
  • Install burglar and fire alarm systems.
  • Consider installing thermal monitors or cameras to detect elevated temperatures in faculty, visitors, and students.
  • Deploy intercom, card readers, biometric system, etc.

3. Maintain The Campus Grounds Regularly

School maintenance makes the campus beautiful, but it also plays a paramount role in increasing security. You can check the efficiency of locks, doors, windows, and another popery to mitigate potential crime risks.

Other fixes include:

  • Trim overgrown vegetation to clear the security cameras’ view or provide a place for ill-willed individuals to hide.
  • Use landscaping to control unwanted entrances, such as planting thorny bushes, lay gravel, installing fences, etc.
  • Fix the interior and exterior lights if they are not working.
  • Clear debris and rearrange the furniture to protect doorways blockage and emergency exits.

4. Identify Security Equipment Is Working Appropriately

If you have installed security equipment (cameras, alarm system, access control), double-check whether they are working as intended or not. Identify whether they adhere to compliance protocols and local regulations.

Make a school security checklist and weekly evaluate the working order. The checklist can include:

  • Review fire and security alarm systems twice a year and replace the batteries.
  • Evaluate the performance of communication systems and intercom.
  • Test video surveillance footage to determine the view quality. To prevent blurry images, wipe out the camera lens.
  • Verify card readers, cameras, and alarm sensors are operational.

If you want assistance in evaluating the security system of your institute, you can contact any security service provider, such as Dacha SSI. Security maintaining companies offer different maintenance packages and visit onsite monthly or quarterly to verify the performance of your equipment.

5. Develop Emergency Procedures In Place

In this step, you are supposed to construct your plans about emergencies that can include potential emergencies – fires, tornados, active shooters, hurricanes, outbreaks, and others you want.

Communicate with staff, students, and parents to inform them what to do if an emergency strikes.

  • Conduct safety drills with students and teachers.
  • Ensure parents and other external stakeholders know how the information will be relayed in an emergency (i.e., phone chain, text, email, etc.).

So, do you want to incorporate these security devices at your institute? You can hire Dacha SSI because the company has favoured many schools in developing their world-class security system.

Why Choose Dacha SSI For Education Security Solutions?

Let’s figure out how Dacha SSI can enhance the efficiency of physical security on your campus.

Dacha SSI security solutions include the project’s design, cost, specifications, and other plans to ensure innovative security systems and round-the-clock monitoring. In addition, Dacha SSI also offers free consultancy and advice to educational institutes as part of a security project.

The experienced Dacha SSI team also has expertise in upgrading the available security system, so you acquire the most cutting-edge technology at your place. Being professionally experienced, our team comprehends how to reduce the upgrading cost and disruption in the school environment.


If you genuinely want to improve the security of your institutes’ annual sports games, concerts, celebrations, and other public events. In that case, you can contact Dacha SSI and safely gather crowds of visitors.