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Cloud CCTV

Monday April 25, 2022

Cloud CCTV 

There is no second opinion that CCTVs are excellent security devices that can record and store the video so you can assess the video any time and catch the criminal with the proof. But now, instead of local CCTV, Cloud CCCTVs are more popular due to their loud and clear features and ample benefits.

Cloud CCTV data is simple, easy, and accessible—you can access the recorded CCTV footage anywhere through a tablet, mobile, or PC. The video retrieving process is also easy to access with the Cloud. In addition to ease, this advanced technology is also affordable.

CCTV Cloud storage uses high capacity, state-of-the-art encryption, and efficient backup capabilities that are affordable to all businesses.

Cloud technology presents a powerful way to improve business security and CCTV operations. You can also shift to Cloud CCTV or use both local and Cloud CCTV at once to get endless security perks!

How Dacha SSI Can Assist In Developing Cloud CCTV

Dacha SSI proudly offers an advanced IT solution of the CCTV security system – above and beyond other CCTV companies. With Dacha SSI, customers receive experts’ security surveys and a solution based on advanced IT solutions and expertise.

About 9 in 10 companies are already using the Cloud for CCTV technology, including phone, email, backup, application, storage, and increasingly video surveillance.

What Is Cloud CCTV: An Overview

Cloud CCTV can be used for both business and home CCTV to record, store, and retrieve video footage and video data. The typical way of recording, storing and retrieving footage happens on-site using hardware equipment such as network video recorders (NVRs) and digital video recorders (DVRs). However, with Cloud CCTV, the video footage is stored off-site, a secure third party server.

Cloud CCTV technology is rapidly becoming a trend as it offers advanced security features and a completely foolproof way of storing video footage.

Dacha SSI recommends on-site DVRS and NVRS and Cloud solutions, so you may always have a backup. If, in any case, anything goes wrong on the Cloud (which is very rare), you may have saved it on your local hardware or vice versa.

What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Cctv?

There are numerous benefits to using a CCTV on Cloud solution.

●    Cost-Effective

CCTV footage can be stored from multiple sites, which ultimately costs less. You can scale up the capacity without spending any extra amount.

●    Fully Backed-Up Video

Cloud storage provides an entirely backed-up view and playback back video footage. The data is backed up regularly, so nothing gets lost or damaged at any phase.

●    Secure, Reliable And Robust

Using a Cloud solution is more secure and reliable because data is recorded and held off-site, so you can ensure that data will not be lost, crashed, or stolen.

●    National Or Global

CCTV in the Cloud can be accessed, recorded, and stored locally and globally from different sites and offices.

●    Easy To Scale Up And Down

If you require extra storage for CCTV video, you can scale up Cloud with your business growth. It can run multiple platforms at one point.

How Is The Video Footage Recorded?

The IP camera records and sends the video data to the Cloud storage via an API – internet availability is necessary.

There are two kinds of recording: on-site with the hardware and off-site with the Cloud. On Cloud, your video data is 100% secured and protected from unexpected loss or theft.

How Does Cloud CCTV Work?

Cloud CCTV uses the internet to record video footage in one place and off-site – it is easy, safe, and secure to find. The data and time will be mentioned on the video; you can view the video—fast forward or rewind it according to your need. You can also download and delete the video.

The CCTV footage can be stored, recorded, and accessed separately or grouped on the Cloud. You can manage your and your staff’s access to CCTV recording the way you want it.

How Can You Access And View Footage On The Cloud?

You can set up, access, and monitor CCTV according to what works for you and fits your needs. According to your choice, you can play and pause live video anytime.

You can log in to your secure interface by passwords through your mobile, tablet, and PC desktop 24/7.

You can control the access to Cloud footage according to your choice; whether you only allow your access or grant varying levels of access, we can manage it according to your need.

If you are insecure about any other person and think they can delete your data. In that case, you can protect your data through different privacy policies and limit their access.

How Does The CCTV System Work With The Cloud?

In a Cloud solution, the IP DVR links to the internet through a switch/router and then through an API connected with the Cloud server in a Cloud solution. It will transfer the video data to the Cloud to record and store. You can access the store data any time remotely.

The video footage of the CCTV camera is recorded and stored in two places—on-site locally and off-site on the Cloud server.

Is There Any Time Or Storage Limit To The Cloud CCTV Video Recording And Storage?

No, there is no limit on the amount of video storage or recording – you get limitless options. According to your business needs, you can get any Cloud storage on the server.  If you have a business with only one surveillance site, you will need less capacity, but you will need more storage if you have multiple locations and multiple organisations.

When paying for storage, you can keep the CCTV video footage for as long as you want. Remember to disclose the length of footage time in your privacy and data collection policies.

Dacha SSI – Find Out More

Cloud CCTV technology is being widely considered and used by businesses as part of video and security surveillance.

Using the Cloud as part of a secure and foolproof CCTV system brings multiple benefits. It’s flexible to scale up the storage with businesses. The capacity and bandwidth are unlimited; it’s cost-effective with monthly packages that suit business budgets and robustly give peace of mind when capturing and storing video data.

At Dacha SSI, we provide Cloud for CCTV systems and facilitate you conducting free audits for your home and company. Moreover, we also advise on the ideal solution and customised set-up according to your needs.

Our high-quality specification CCTV cameras, equipment, and recorders capture high-quality videos, store them, and help you use them whenever you want. So feel free to contact Dacha SSI for any kind of query, security issue, or security survey!