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Car Park Security – Strategies For Safer Facilities

Tuesday January 4, 2022

Car Park Security – Strategies For Safer Facilities

The ratio of car park accidents and crimes is drastically increasing and terrifying car owners. Car owners are becoming more concerned about their car safety than before. Everyone hesitate to visit the mall, mart, or restaurant that comprises an insecure or unmanaged parking lot.

Car parks are one of the most high-risk areas, and if they are not monitored appropriately, the chances of vandalism, theft, mugging, and assault increase a hundred folds.

Therefore, car park security is essential for owners, employees, visitors, and facilities. Regardless of the car park size and storeys, the security parameters should be the same across the board.

Are you also a car park owner? Do you know which security devices are more reliable? Have you installed any security devices in your car park? It will help if you prefer adaptable and easy-to-manage security solutions. You can also customize your security solutions by focusing on your security goals and objectives.

Want to explore more about car park security? Read this article till the end.

Helpful Tips To Effectively Improve Your Car Park Security

Poor car park security can cause unauthorized parking, car abandonment, vehicles collusion, abuse, robbery, and whatnot. Thus, relying only on the landscaping, bollards, security guards, zebra crossing, dark paints, or speed humps are not enough. There is a need to consider advanced, innovative and efficient devices.

Let’s look at the devices that every car park owner and contractor can install to maintain a safe and secured environment.

1.  Implement Surveillance Systems

The increased visibility can reduce the crime ratio—thanks to the CCTV camera, a stand-alone device to minimize the security hazards where installed. These CCTVs drop the rate of security issues, provide you with a chance to monitor every car park activity and make your security system exponential and comfortable. Moreover, customers’ trust also increases in your parking lot.

Some more benefits of CCTVs:

  • Free up more spaces
  • Increase footfall
  • Provides peace of mind
  • Increase business revenues
  • Can detect mul­ti­ple intru­sions at once
  • More effective and contemporary

If you are looking forward to more on CCTV cameras, you can read Reasons Why Every Business Should Have A CCTV Camera System In Place.

Voice Activated Security Sound systems (VASS)

Embedding Voice-Activated Security Sound systems is a great way to avoid unmonitored CCTV risks. If VASS is installed at a place and an accident hits there, users’ screams will activate all CCTV cameras of that area.

Motion Detectors

Installing motion detectors and using them with analytics is also a dependable way to alert security havoc. These motion detectors protect precious vehicles or parking areas by detecting vandals, burglars, and other criminals.

Temporary CCTV Towers

If you want to secure large parking spaces, trying CCTV towers is also incredibly practical. CCTV towers are easy to install and become functional just in a few minutes. These CCTV towers are a deterrent against robbery as they help catch unwanted visitors.

These towers can be run by solar power or the main power supply. When these towers are installed correctly, they can provide a 360-degree field view, fantastic clarity, and 24/7 live security.

2.  Invest In Monitoring Stations/Control Rooms

It is a fact that security alarms and CCTVs take security level to the next step, but they are not extensively effective if you don’t have security stations. A 24/7/365 monitoring of CCTV feeds, and alarms can be done using these monitoring stations. You also become capable to respond quickly to a wide range of situations, including:

  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Panic Alarm Monitoring
  • Lone Worker Device
  • Wireless Intruder Alarms
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring
  • Personal Attack Systems
  • Temporary Security Alarms or any other service you have installed.

3.  Install Phones & Panic Buttons

Emergency phones and the panic button are also inexpensive and helpful options to protect expensive lives and cars. These buttons provide relaxation that helps, and assistance can swiftly arrive at the time of need.

Panic buttons are easy to use, reliable, and convenient; car owners feel safe and secure when they find panic buttons at the parking lots. These buttons can be incorporated at different rushy or risky parking lot places.

4.  Incorporate Access Control System

Access control makes facilities secure by controlling people’s access to particular parking areas or garages. This controlled access to private spots will hinder attackers’ plan to approach there.

Besides installing gates or booths, establishing an innovative and digital access control system is more recommended. This advanced access control system provides extra security to your parking area. You can set either codes, fingerprints, or cards to access the control room. People who have shared with the code or card will allow entering in; otherwise, access will be declined.

If you want to crack more about access control systems or the evolution of access control systems, click here.

5.  Install Signage

Good communication can assist a lot in declining the parking lot crime rate. Signage is a way of using signs and symbols to improve safety.

Car park security issues can cause potential damage to vehicles and hurt people badly. A standard and straightforward message can be helpful in controlling the potential crime and guiding pedestrians and drivers.

6.  Security Barriers

Security barriers are the primary step that almost every car park owner takes to secure their property. These car park barriers are installed at the entrance and exit to check cars and let them enter one by one quickly. Though these security barriers operate automatically but often guards also manage them.

Investing in security barriers is straightforward yet a successful step to manage the parking area and protect from unwanted actions. These electronic security barriers work seamlessly and hassle-free to fend your parking lot from vehicle crashes, break-ins, or any type of robbery.

Security barriers can help in several ways, such as:

  • Speeds up parking process
  • Vehicle damage or theft
  • Violence and assault
  • Tailgating (more than one car entering per credential)
  • Vandalism and property damage

For satisfaction, a few parking owners also surround their parking facilities with high fences to keep unwanted access out. During off-hours, gates also act as barriers.

7.  Hire Security Specialist

Handling security devices is not a straightforward task; it is time-consuming and expensive, indeed. Therefore, it looks suitable to hire experience and expertise to manage all your security tasks at one point of contact.

Dacha SSI is a security company with an incredible team and has a fantastic reputation after continuously providing the best service. Dacha SSI’s has vast experience in handling parking lot security-related projects; hence, to protect your car park from all anticipated threats and damages, hiring Dacha SSI is a 100% safe deal.

On your one call, the competent team of Dacha SSI can install all the latest and reliable security devices to your site.

Our Summary

For criminals, cars are always valuable targets, and car parks are favorite crime places; therefore, there is a strict need to keep car parks of shopping centers, restaurants, or distribution environments safe and secure at all times.

Any failure in protecting customers’ facilities can create a negative impact on your business reputation.

This blog post has enlisted ample security devices to make your car park security futuristic and foolproof. You can hire any security management company to incorporate these security devices at your car park to make it the town’s most trustworthy and secured parking area.

Dacha SSI is a well-known security company that can make your car park fully secured and integrated in less time but with higher quality. You can contact Dacha SSI if you want to install or replace the security system. You can also approach them for security assessment, audit, or other security-based services. To know more, click here