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Tailgating – What is it and How Can You Prevent It?

Tuesday November 9, 2021

Security is one of the main issues that organizations need to consider. After all, breaches in security, such as tailgating, can result in consequences such as a loss of reputation, loss of revenue, or even physical harm.

In any case, to assure top-notch security, one must understand the various threats that exist to learn to combat them.

If we’re talking about tailgating, we must first define it. In simple words, it is a physical security breach that can compromise your company.

This article will look at how this security issue happens and how to prevent it.

What is Tailgating?

Tailgating (otherwise known as piggybacking) is one of the biggest security breaches affecting organizations today and also one of the trickiest to detect.

You can define it as the passage of an unauthorized person into a restricted area through an authorized person. Typically, the goal is to cause physical, financial, or intelligence-related harm to that organization.

How does Tailgating happen?

People tailgte often – but the question to consider is do they do it on purpose it or does it happen accidentally?

In cases of forced tailgating, an unauthorized person can either convince or make an authorized person give access to them through threats.

Similarly, though this does not always have bad intentions, people in multi-tenanted buildings often enter through just one person’s card.

On the other hand, one way this can happen accidentally is through simple human decency. For example, an authorized person might assist an unauthorized person into the building simply out of politeness.

Tailgating can also happen while the door is closing behind an authorized person. Or it can occur when the door is propped open to prevent hindrance in tasks such as loading and unloading supplies. In such cases, Tailgating is often intentional.

What are the risks?

Tailgating is a major commercial, educational, and healthcare security issue. After all, intentional intruders can range from people attempting to steal a company’s data to sell to competitors to people intending physical harm.

In the event of a tailgating ‘attack,’ companies risk a breach in data, loss of reputation, and the physical and personal harm of employees and clients, among other things.

In short, tailgating can make a company vulnerable to violence, sabotage, theft, vandalism, and even terrorism.

So, how does one prevent Tailgating?

Although ending the tailgating problem entirely might not be possible, companies can take steps to reduce the risks.

Luckily many security companies provide solutions for homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses, and most of these tend to be easy to apply.

What system one uses will depend on what kind of security system is already in place and which point of entry the company wishes to secure.

1.    Technology

  • There are different security systems on the market designed to address the problem of unauthorized entry.
  • Access control systems like turnstiles, revolving doors, Man Traps, or laser sensors can minimize risks right at the main entry point.
  • Camera analytics could use facial recognition tools to confirm the person attempting to enter has access.

2.    Security Guard

  • A guard at the front desk can recognize not just faces but also check tenants’ or employees’ identification.

3.    A Culture of Security

  • No security system will be any help if the staff refuses to take the issue seriously,
  • Encouraging the staff to request proof of identification when someone asks for admission into the organization can decrease the risk of accidental tailgating and therefore create a safer environment.

4.    Hire a reliable security firm:

  • A security company is well-equipped to handle all the problems for you.
  • They have the technology, the experience, and the professionals who can help protect your company.
  • Dacha, a well-known security firm, is ready to provide you with Tailgating Solutions.

The Takeaway

Tailgating is a very common security threat faced by businesses all over the world.

While an access control system and awareness by the personnel can help control this particular risk, you can only completely minimize it with a good security system.

Luckily, multiple companies provide solutions for this threat. Dacha is one of those companies and is here to help save your business from tailgaters and related issues.