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What Are Gantner Lockers, And Why Use Them At Your Premises?

Monday December 25, 2023

Locker management is one of the many services that we can offer in relation to access control. Dacha SSI Ltd can install lockers which are assigned to staff or visitors, so they’re possessions are always kept safe.

So, why pick Gantner lockers for your business?

Gantner Lockers are a type of electronic locker system that combines modern technology with traditional locker functionality. These lockers utilise electronic locking mechanisms, typically controlled by RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) or NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. They enable people to secure their belongings without needing a physical key.

Provide outstanding levels of security. 

These lockers often provide higher security compared to traditional locks. Electronic systems are harder to tamper with, and access can be controlled more effectively.

They’re also highly convenient since, with unlocking methods like RFID cards or mobile apps, there’s no need for physical keys. This ease of access can be especially beneficial in places like gyms, water parks, or public spaces where carrying keys can be cumbersome.

Gantner Lockers can be integrated into a management system that allows administrators to monitor locker usage, assign lockers, and track occupancy. This is useful in commercial spaces or facilities where locker allocation and tracking are essential.

Customise the lockers to meet your requirements. 

These systems can integrate with other software systems, such as membership databases or payment systems, streamlining operations.

The convenience of accessing lockers quickly and efficiently will make your premises more attractive. For instance, if they’re installed in a leisure centre, they’ll make your facilities more appealing to use again.

Find out more about our locker management solutions. Or don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.